Dixon Of Dock Green
Part Seven
BBC 1955 - 1976
TX : 20th November 1971
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Eric Paice

Synopsis : In this episode, Sergeant Dixon is called to Dock Green Gasworks which have been derelict for some time. A young wife has disappeared and evidence accumulates that she has recently been inside this area. Foul play is suspected and the police find strange parallels with other unsolved crimes.

Additional Cast : Victor Maddern, Charles Houston, Windsor Davies (Morris), Kay Humblestone, Nicholas Wright, Joe Santo, Ronald Gough and Patrick Milner.

Notes : Episodes were transmitted 8:20pm to 9:05pm.

The Fighter
TX : 27th November 1971
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : The crowd roars, and Eddie Brown (Derek Newark) goes down for the count. But it takes more than that to beat Eddie. When his wife meets another man, Eddie has to face a bigger challenge.

Additional Cast : Johnny Shannon, Colin Dunn, Danny Holland, John Blythe, Marjie Lawrence, John Caesar, Esmond Webb, Richard Shaw, Michael Mundell, Ralph Watson and Brian McDermott.

TX : 4th December 1971
Director : Robin Nash
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : An unknown man is linked with a series of savage crimes.

Additional Cast : Jennifer Wright, Derek Benfield (Quiller), Maxine Gordon, Dennis Chinnery, Hilda Barry, Maureen O'Reilly, Garfield Morgan (Detective Inspector Warren), Eileen Fletcher, Stanley Price, Ronald Clarke, Pearl Catlin, Marion Thanisch and Ken Haward.

The Man From The Ministry
TX : 11th December 1971
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Synopsis : Successful businessman and model husband, that's David Nugent (Derek Farr), until his wife sees him with another woman and the CID see him with a well-known confidence trickster. Trouble starts when Dock Green police have to mount a watch because Nugent happens to be Laudie's brother-in-law.

Additional Cast : Gillian McCutcheon, William Lucas, Jocelyne Rhodes, Veronica Hurst, Jayne Sofiano, Peter Brett, Ronald Govey, John Rolfe, Barbara Bernel, Paul Grist, Colin Bissett and Frederick Pyne.

TX : 18th December 1971
Director : Joe Waters
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : A cake of soap, a window-cleaner, footsteps in the night, a man in a car and other unexplained incidents create for Miss Ann Harding (Jennifer Wilson) a state of terror. But is it all in her imagination?

Additional Cast : Geoffrey Evans, Reginald Jessup, Anthony Oliver, Gavin Morrison, Donald Tandy, Patrick Jordan, John Hartley, Godfrey James, Lindsay Campbell, John Harvey and Milos Kirek.

TX : 27th December 1971
Director : Unknown
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : Wingy takes home an unexpected Christmas present, an abandoned baby. But when the mother of the child decides that she wants it back, it leads to a busy day for Sgt Dixon and the Dock Green Police.

Additional Cast : Jack Watson, Jeremy Wimble, Rose Hill, Harry Landis, Connie Merigold, Catherine Kessler, David Drummond, Robin Askwith and Brian Hayes.

TX : 1st January 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : An unknown man, severely injured, is rescued from the Thames. One word - "Molenzicht" - is the only clue which leads Andy and Laudy to a mysterious Englishman living in Holland.

Additional Cast : Michael Slater, Maxim Hamel, Trudy Libosan, Sacco Van Der Made, Maurice Roeves (Richard Bennett), Maurice Bush, Frank Mills, Albert Van Doorn, Sylvain Poons, Terry Duggan and Kenneth Watson.

The Informant
TX : 8th January 1972
Director : Robin Nash
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : Maisie Dewar (Diana Dors) was a police informant. She also did a bit of receiving on the side - right up until the day she was found dead.

Additional Cast : Alan Lake, Bert Lena, Penny Spencer and Ken Haward.

Findings Keepings
TX : 15th January 1972
Director : Robin Nash
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Synopsis : Derek Spencer was sent down for a twenty-thousand-pound payroll snatch. The money was never found and Charlie Mann (Tom Adams), certain that Derek's wife knows its hiding place, goes to great lengths to make her talk.

Additional Cast : Renny Lister, Derek Martin, Meadows White, Janet Davies, Nicholas Hoye, Franco Derosa and Ken Wynne.

Night Beat
TX : 22nd January 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : When young PC David Newton forgets an elementary piece of police procedure, the CID officers experience a hectic twenty-four hours, and Sergeant Dixon has to enforce his authority - when Sergeant Crawford loses his temper.

Additional Cast : Ronald O'Neill, Elizabeth Bradley, James Appleby, Jacqueline Stanbury and Salvin Stewart.

The Bad Debt Man
TX : 29th January 1972
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Derek Ingrey

Synopsis : Being owed money can be worse than owing it - as Harry Manning (James Berwick) finds out when a mistaken witness and a vindictive woman put him behind bars. But who to fear more - the police or the woman?

Additional Cast : Bill Kerr, James Donnelly, Gwyneth Powell, Walter Henry, John Ronane, John Bryans, Bill Treacher (Bert), Richard Grant, Sheelah Wilcocks (Mrs Winsor) and Norman Atkyns.

Notes :
This episode attracted 7.4 million viewers and was ranked the second most popular programme of that week.

First Offenders
TX : 5th February 1972
Director : Robin Nash
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Synopsis : After witnessing a hold-up at a local sub-post office, a former bank clerk plans to put his bank robbery plan into operation. But he needs an accomplice he can trust.

Additional Cast : Anthony Andrews, Jean Heywood, Dean Harris, Ellis Dale, Brian Stirner, Laurel Ford, Therese McMurray, Michael Sheard (John Lindsay), Pippa Rowe, Sam Kydd, Bill Ward, Michael Stainton, Queenie Watts, Cyril Appleton, Stuart Sherwin, Diana Berriman and William Corderoy.

Sgt George Dixon
TX : 12th February 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : In the last of the current series, Sergeant Dixon is involved in the personal tragedy arising from a broken marriage. Only he can save a child's life.

Additional Cast : Terry Duggan, Olive Mercer, Brian Peck, Iain Blair, Jo Warne, Lesley Roach, Leslie Dwyer, Rachel Thomas, Doremy Vernon, Kenneth Waller, Paul Haley, Geoffrey Evans and Ken Haward.

The Specialist
TX : 23rd September 1972
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Eric Paice

Additional Cast : Margaret John, Scott Fredericks (PC Forbes), Arnold Peters (Chief Superintendent Bannister), James Grout (Chief Inspector Prescott), Will Ward, Frank Mills, Andrew Dowling, Sue Walker, Gwen Evans, Anna Karen, Robert Arnold (Detective Constable Swain), Nick Forbes, Karin MacCarthy, Michael Stainton, Pat Gorman and Dennis Plenty.

Synopsis : Roy Hanlon, Alan Tilvern, Stanley Price, Julie Crosthwait, Judy Buxton, Bill Ward and Paddy Joyce.

Notes : Episodes were transmitted 6:45pm to 7:35pm.

Time Out
TX : 30th September 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : N J Crisp

Additional Cast : Vincent Ball, Gavin Morrison, Beth Harris, Michael Wynne, John Blythe, Carl Forgione and Lindsay Campbell.

Synopsis : PC Newton knocks on the door of a house for a routine enquiry and becomes involved in a situation where his private life becomes a matter of concern to his superior officers.

The Fingerman
TX : 7th October 1972
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Additional Cast : Mervyn Johns, Sheelah Wilcocks, Michael Stainton, Tony Wright, Nicola Coleman, Charles Pemberton, Marjorie Wilde, Brian Croucher, Gwyneth Powell, Philip Ross and Martin Read.

Synopsis : An elderly husband and wife are being intimidated and when the man takes the law into his own hands the police find a criminal pattern begins to emerge.

Trial And Error
TX : 14th October 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Eric Paice

Additional Cast : Arnold Diamond, Richard Kay, Gillian McCutcheon, Godfrey Jackman, John Rhys-Davies (Dunlop), Jeillo Edwards, George Tovey and Percy Herbert (Detective Chief Superintendent Donovan).

Synopsis : Sergeant Crawford relaxes for a moment and makes a slip which involves him in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Gun Point
TX : 21st October 1972
Director : Robin Nash
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Additional Cast : James Beckett, Anthony Woodruff, Garfield Morgan (Kimber), John Hartley, Ken Wynne, Andrew McCulloch, Edward Evans, Denis Cleary, John Rolfe and Michael Hall.

Synopsis : When a large number of firearms are stolen from premises in Dock Green and Sergeant Wills disappears, a full-scale hunt is mounted to apprehend the thieves.

Conspiracy Of Silence
TX : 28th October 1972
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Ludovic Peters

Additional Cast : Gavin Morrison, Roger Nott, Robert Arnold (Detective Constable Swain), Connie Merigold, Richard Bebb, James Appleby, Kitty Attwood, John Barrett, Esmond Webb, Graham Brown, Allan Surtees, Margaret Anderson, Bill Treacher (Cemetery Attendant), Harry Davis, Paul Lindley, Robin Lloyd and John Caesar.

Synopsis : Harry Barker (Jack Watson), sixty-six, on the run and desperate, is heading for Dock Green and must be found. But who is he looking for and what old score does he need to settle?

TX : 4th November 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Patrick Jordan, Johnny Shannon, John Landry, Alfred Hoffman, Michael Slater, Ken Wynne, Rex Taylor and John Rainer.

Synopsis : After six years in a foreign prison Johnny Orwell (Tom Adams) returns to Dock Green. Both his old criminal associates and the police are involved in his search for a girl called Rosie Everett (Jo Rowbottom).

Mrs Raven
TX : 11th November 1972
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : N J Crisp

Additional Cast : Trevor Adams, Helen Cotterill, Godfrey James, Graham Weston, Rick James, Frank Jarvis and Esmond Webb.

Synopsis : When Mrs Raven (Nora Swinburne) is robbed and Dock Green Police seem unable to catch the culprit, she summons the aid of her own contacts - in the underworld.

Starpoint West
TX : 18th November 1972
Director : Robin Nash
Script : Eric Paice

Additional Cast : Verna Harvey, Ken Jones, Jeremy Young, Terence Cowling, Christopher Fenwick, Margaret Heald, Adrian Bracken, Peter Wickham, David Maybury, Rosie Collins and Chris Gannon.

Synopsis : Mrs Irene Kent (Clare Kelly) and her teenage children live in a new tower block of flats called Starpoint West. When she vanishes after calling in at the police station to see Sergeant Dixon foul play is suspected.

Bust Up
TX : 25th November 1972
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Frank Mills, Margaret John, Windsor Davies (Vic Sharland), Ronald Clarke, Sue Nicholls, Melia White, Ebony White, Madoline Thomas and Frank Ooda.

Synopsis : Alf (Stanley Meadows) and Johnny Warwick (Richard Shaw) have been running a protection racket for years. A quarrel between husband and wife upsets their carefully laid plans.

TX : 2nd December 1972
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : N J Crisp

Additional Cast : Bryan Marshall, Jacki Harding, Harry Landis, Janet Key, Martin Cort, Robin Ford and John Ringham (Doctor Wayman).

Synopsis : A man found wandering in a park, apparently uninjured, appears to have lost his memory. But why does he know so much about a planned bank robbery?

Who Needs Enemies?
TX : 9th December 1972
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Additional Cast : Maureen O'Connell, Karen Williams, Greg Smith, Bill Kenwright, Rosemarie Dunham, Stacey Davies, Eamonn Boyce, Anthony Powell and John Harvey.

Synopsis : Brenda Page (Doremy Vernon), reunited with her husband and children, has to choose whether her loyalty to her criminal friends is more important than the chance of a new start in life.

TX : 16th December 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Rita Webb (Ada Barnes), Brian Murphy (Percy Sinclair), Mary Jordan, Ron Govey, Julia Sutton, Iain Sinclair, George Innes, Adrienne Posta, Terry Duggan, Esmond Webb and Maureen Grayson.

Synopsis : When the local fence is taken to hospital, somebody has to carry on his business.

The Loser
TX : 30th December 1972
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Ben Bassett

Additional Cast : Glyn Owen (Bernie Jaeger), Carol Haddon, Bruce Myles, Denise Shaw, Jacqueline Stanbury, Keith Drinkel, Michael Forrest, Arthur English, Maggie Wilkinson and Roy Poole.

Synopsis : In the last of the current series, a quiet Sunday morning in Dock Green station is interrupted by a domestic brawl.

Eye Witness
TX : 29th December 1973
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Derek Ingrey

Synopsis : In the first of the new series, Dixon takes an unexpected holiday accompanied by the only witness to a gangland murder.

Additional Cast : David Rose, Gwyneth Powell, Stephen Greif, Steve Plytas, Gordon Bilboe, Sidney Kean, Maureen Grayson, Andrew Lodge, Diana Scougall, Chubby Oates, Nancie Wait, Richard Reeves, Ken Haward, Robert Tayman, John Salthouse and Bernard Martin.

Notes : Episodes were transmitted 6:30pm to 7:20pm. This episode attracted 6.2 million viewers and was ranked the eighth most popular programme of that week.

TX : 5th January 1974
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Synopsis : For Knocker White (Arthur English) and his wife (Stella Turner) an ordinary day is dramatically interrupted by a villain on the run - the Dock Green Police and another unwelcome investigator.

Additional Cast : John Oxley (PC Dunn), Ian Liston, Alan Lake, Colin Dunn, Queenie Watts, Donald Tandy (Chief Superintendent Westlake), Terry Duggan, Ebony White, Claudette Critchlow, Graham Ashley, James Walsh and Arthur Marsh.

Harry's Back
TX : 12th January 1974
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : "One of the best". That's what everybody said about Harry Simpson (Lee Montague) - everybody, that is, except Sergeant Crawford.

Additional Cast : Jonathan Adams, Susan Tebbs, Bert Lena, Frank Coda, Jean Dallas, Luke Maguire, Michael Sheard, Esmond Webb, Peter Hughes, Mary Kenton, Anthony Collin, John Malcolm (Detective Chief Superintendent Barker), Paul Haley, Michael O'Donoghue, Ian Smith and Melia White.

Question In The House
TX : 19th January 1974
Director : Ian Wyatt
Script : Ben Bassett

Synopsis : An old murder case becomes a matter of public concern - was there a miscarriage of justice? Detective Sergeant Crawford's promotion is in jeopardy.

Additional Cast : George A Cooper (Ernest Morris MP), William Dexter (Chief Superintendent Ackland), Artro Morris, Jenny Twigge, Derek Aylward, Brian McDermott, Jack Watson, Jean Heywood and Eric Mason.

Notes : This episode attracted 6.6 million viewers and was ranked the eighteenth most popular programme of that week.

The Unwanted
TX : 26th January 1974
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Robert Holmes

Synopsis : Carol McDermot (Trudy Jane Hughes) plays truant from school and starts a chain of events which leads to a murder hunt.

Additional Cast : David Webb, Brian Peck (Stockport), Jill Gascoine, Veronique Briant, Allan McClelland (Archie), Max Mason, Kenneth Waller and Derek Chater.

TX : 2nd February 1974
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Derek Ingrey

Synopsis : Detective Sergeant Crawford's holiday is interrupted when a straightforward case begins to appear suspiciously like the perfect frame-up.

Additional Cast : Ray Barrett, David McNally, Rex Taylor, Sue Nicholls, Anthony Powell, Patrick Jordan (Detective Inspector Parsons), Michael Turner (Detective Chief Superintendent Burton) and Kay Gallie.

Full Circle
TX : 9th February 1974
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Luanshya Green

Synopsis : For Mary Johnstone (Colette O'Neil), the nightmare began with a taxi ride but for Eric Parsons (Maurice O'Connell) it had started many years earlier. Andy Crawford, now promoted to Detective Inspector, is faced with a victim who refuses to yield her identity - even though she is being hounded and apparently terrified for her life.

Additional Cast : Ronald Gough (PC Ferris), Rosie Collins, Oliver Mercer, Mike Preston, Janet Lees Price, John Oxley (PC Williams), Paul Antrim, Peter Wickham (PC Clark) and Jo Warne.

Notes : Luanshya Green would later go on to devise and created BBC-1's Sutherland's Law starring Iain Cuthbertson.

There's Your Story: There's My Story - And There's The Truth
TX : 16th February 1974
Director : Ian Wyatt
Script : Derek Ingrey

Synopsis : A commonplace lunchtime brawl in a pub involving a crowd of young people leads to a serious crime - but how are the police to untangle the conflicting versions of the incident?

Additional Cast : Brian Poyser (DC Pollack), Martin Matthews (DC Bright), Neville Aurelius, Beth Morris, David Griffin, Geoffrey Bateman, John Nightingale, Ron Smerczak, John Labanowski, Frankie Dymon, Nadia Cattouse and Mark Moss.

TX : 23rd February 1974
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Synopsis : All that Alan (Jeffrey Holland) and Anne Hunt (Ann Penfold) wanted was a house of their own, but it seemed unlikely they would ever be able to afford it - until temptation came Anne's way.

Additional Cast : John Moore, John Hartley, Michael Guest, Brian Honeyball, Hazel Bainbridge, John Ringham (Marshall), Ronald Mayer, Dennis Chinnery and Dennis Handby.

TX : 2nd March 1974
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : P J Hammond

Synopsis : An accidental fall could have accounted for the body in the courtyard - but Jimmy Flood was the best cat burglar in Dock Green, if not in London.

Additional Cast : Peter Geddis (PC Rogers), Madge White, Barbara Shelley, Judy McAllister, Barry Stanton, Paul Darrow (Pearce), Tommy Wright, Billie Love, Connie Merigold, Felicity Gordon and David Rolfe.

TX : 9th March 1974
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Derek Ingrey

Synopsis : People disappear every day in London - but when it is a police informant who vanishes and no one will admit to knowing him, Detective Inspector Andy Crawford suspects a conspiracy.

Additional Cast : Ronald Govey, Peter Tilbury, Johnny Shannon, Melia White, Mark Sheridan, Don Henderson (Radford), Muriel Pavlow, Glyn Houston (Luckhurst), Hector Ross, Patrick Durkin, Kate Brown, Michael Forrest and Richard Greene.

The Long Memory
TX : 16th March 1974
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Geoffrey Matthews

Synopsis : Malcolm Roberts (John Bennett) is being blackmailed and there are several people who know he has not always been the respectable businessman he is now.

Additional Cast : Tim Meats, Ruth Trouncer, Colin Farrell, Anita Carey, Godfrey Jackman and Michael Da Costa.

Jack The Lad
TX : 23rd March 1974
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Derek Ingrey

Synopsis : Gian Carlo Montelbetti (Tom Adams) - or "Jack The Lad" to his friends - has been going straight for years but family loyalty forces him to make some unpleasant decisions.

Additional Cast : Susan Travers, Hans De Vries, Annabel Leventon, Eileen Colgan, George Waring, Michael Stainton, Edward Molloy, Jeremy Wilkin, Robert Oates, Stanley Price and Sue Bond.

A Sense Of Guilt
TX : 30th March 1974
Director : Ian Wyatt
Script : Tom Greene

Synopsis : Miss Matty (Aimee Delamain) has the uncanny ability to forecast which horse will come first past the post - but where does she hide her winnings?

Additional Cast : Bill Treacher (Punter), Harry Towb, James Appleby, Barry Jackson, Frank Jarvis, Harry Tardios, Velvet Attwood, Brian Hawksley, Liz McKenzie, Jeanne Mockford and Ralph Ball.

Three's Company
TX : 6th April 1974
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Gerald Kelsey

Synopsis : Jack Parsons (Derek Farr) had no intention of becoming involved with the police but not for the reasons his brother-in-law imagined.

Additional Cast : Michael Harbour, John Leyton, Marjorie Wilde, Brian Honeyball, Margaret Anderson, Doremy Vernon (Rene Parsons), Eric Francis, John Rolfe and Jane Hylton.

TX : 13th April 1974
Director : Ian Wyatt
Script : Eric Paice

Synopsis : A child's voice on the telephone and some background noise is all the Dock Green Police have to lead them to the scene of a crime.

Additional Cast : Marion Lines, Lyn Doyle, Chris Sullivan (PC Slater), Bernard Martin (Sergeant Thomas), Richard Parry, David Wood, Colin McCormack (PC Wakeman) and Michael Graham Cox.

Firearms Were Issued
TX : 20th April 1974 Rpt : 4th November 1986
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : N J Crisp

Synopsis : An investigation brings Detective Inspector Crawford and Dock Green Police under official scrutiny.

TX : 15th February 1975
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Ben Bassett

Additional Cast : Willie Johan, Floella Benjamin, Chubby Oates, Frieda Knorr, Hugh Sullivan, David Hargreaves, Eric French, Chris Gannon, Henry Szeps (Onion Man) and Elayne Sharling.

Synopsis : For Smith (Anthony Steel), the quiet house in the square was a refuge, but the unseen observers outside know Smith is armed and that Kumal (Yashar Adem) is on his way - and desperate.

Notes : Episodes were transmitted 6:05pm to 6:55pm.

Seven For A Secret - Never To Be Told
TX : 22nd February 1975
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Frank Lester, Roy Desmond, Billie Love, Forbes Collins (Alf Pengelly), Sidney Kean, Lila Kaye, Paul Antrim, Jim McManus, Tommy Wright, Clare Kelly and Dennis Goacher (Sergeant Dawes).

Synopsis : "One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl and four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold and seven for a secret never to be told". So the rhyme goes, but the secret Ralph Harding (Andrew Bradford) shared with Chrissie Pengelly (June Page) involved the death of a woman. Andy Crawford and Sergeant Brewer find themselves involved in a life-or-death chase in the West Country.

It's A Gift
TX : 1st March 1975
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Mike Watts

Additional Cast : Frank Lee, Alan Tilvern, Harry Landis, Joe Dunlop, Derek Martin, Eve Karpf, Aimi MacDonald, Godfrey Jackman, Jay Denver and Anthony Bailey.

Synopsis : Petty thief Orrie Heppledene (Victor Maddern) achieves his dream of pulling off the big job which will set him up for life, and Detective Inspector Crawford finds himself involved in a rudely interrupted honeymoon.

Black Monday
TX : 8th March 1975
Director : Michael E Briant
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Jo Rowbottom, Del Henney, Jeremy Wilkin, Stephen Greif (Charles Negri), Clifford Rose, Stephen Marsh (PC Dunne), Kismet Delgado (Hotel Receptionist), Ben Howard (Tommy Sennett), Stacy Davies, Carlos Douglas and Tim Pearce.

Synopsis : "Bad news" is how Detective Inspector Andy Crawford views the arrival in Dock Green of two members of the American underworld. No one suspects that they have any connection with Sergeant Johnny Wills' unexpected disappearance.

Baubles, Bangles And Beads
TX : 15th March 1975
Director : Joe Waters
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Brian Glover (Chuck Windell), Johnny Shannon, Frank Jarvis, Peter Denyer, Kitty Stevenson, Ken Wynne and Ian Gray.

Synopsis : For Eric Mercer (Leon Vitali) the jewels dropping out of the sky were a gift from heaven but the police knew better.

On A Moody Complaint
TX : 22nd March 1975
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Keith Anderson, Patrick Jordan (Superintendent Ramsay), Margaret John, Jenny Logan, David Kincaid, Francis De Wolff, Nik Forster, Linda Regan, Richard Beale, Brian Capron and John Hartley.

Synopsis : Coroner's verdict on PC Joe Birkett (Michael Wisher) was accidental death, but his friends at Dock Green nick are not satisfied, and Sergeant Dixon enlists help from an unusual source to find the truth.

Looters Ltd
TX : 29th March 1975
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Robin Ford, Terry Cowling, Alan Leith, Margery Mason (Olive Barnet), Gwyneth Powell (Diana Barnet), Arthur Whybrow, Stephen Marsh (PC Dunne), Rose Hiller, Anne Cunningham, John Rolfe, Gordon Salkilld, Connie Merigold and Elaine Donnelly (Barbara).

Synopsis : Cat-burglar Charlie Barnet (Sam Kydd) had been a highly successful villain and his family were not amateurs when it came to making crime pay.

The Hired Man
TX : 5th April 1975
Director : Michael E Briant
Script : Tony Williamson

Additional Cast : Roy Boyd, Brian McDermott, Stephen Marsh (PC Dunne), Donald Gray, Gillian Hawser, Jean Dallas, Beryl Nesbitt and Emma Crutch.

Synopsis : A common enough husband and wife squabble, one that the police try to avoid becoming involved in - but why was Vic Hallan (Martin Jarvis) carrying two-thousand-pounds in cash, if money was the cause of the trouble?

For Better, For Worse
TX : 12th April 1975
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Philip McGough, Cheryl Murray, Michael Mundell, Godfrey Kenton, Stephen Marsh (PC Dunne), Brian peck, Doremy Vernon (Mrs Curtis), John Ringham (Wallace), Esmond Webb and Bruce Taylor.

Synopsis : Two marriages are threatened when the CID make an unexpected call on a registry office.

A Slight Case Of Love
TX : 19th April 1975
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Peter Hill, David Drummond, Ronald Mayer, Alec Wallis, Isla Blair (Fleur Harris), David Hill, Melia White, Anthony Collin and Hilary Crane.

Synopsis : Eight businessmen are anxious to discover the whereabouts of the elusive and charming Kate Harris (Moira Redmond), seven want to put her behind bars, but Lewis Naylor (Julian Glover) has quite different intentions.

Pot Of Gold
TX : 26th April 1975
Director : Vere Lorrimer
Script : Paul Ableman

Additional Cast : Aimee Delamain, Richard Gale, Richard Corbet (DC Carter), Peter Thornton (DC Deakin), Denis de Marne, Harry Davis, John Gleeson, Nikki Kelly and Sheelah Wilcocks (Woman At House).

Synopsis : Desmond Platt (Robert Morris) and Ruthy (Candace Glendenning) appeared to be an ordinary enough young couple but their victims were soon to regret opening their doors to these hustlers.

Chain Of Events
TX : 3rd May 1975
Director : Mary Ridge
Script : Derek Ingrey

Additional Cast : Penelope Beaumont, Len Jones, Lawrence Douglas, Derek Ware, Sheila Beckett, David Masterman, Michael Turner, Brian Vaughan, Maggie Walker, Derek Benfield (Skinner), Robert Hamilton, Pamela Duncan and Richard Grant.

Synopsis : A threatening telephone call turns a routine case into an intensive man-hunt.

TX : 10th May 1975
Director : Joe Waters
Script : N J Crisp

Additional Cast : Jon Laurimoe, Pat Ashton, Stephen Marsh (PC Dunne), Tommy Wright, Judy Loe, Beth Boyd, Michael Guest (PC Waring) and Michael Kemp.

Synopsis : Sergeant Dixon and Detective Inspector Crawford find themselves in conflict when they receive information that PC Len Warren (Andrew Burt), the key witness in a major criminal trial, has been seen in the company of the accused men.

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