The Third Man
BBC, National Telefilm Associates of America and British Lion Film Corporation 1959-1964
Radio Times (September 25, 1959) - The Third Man by Ronald Waldman. Ronald Waldman writes about the new film series beginning on Friday which has been built round that fabulous character, Harry Lime.

The character of Harry Lime is one of the most compelling, fascinating, and frightening creations ever seen on a motion picture screen. The worldly, cultured, witty, scintillating yet twisted and treacherous man originally portrayed by Orson Welles in the truly great British picture The Third Man was killed at the end of the film; so, too, was Police Constable George Dixon at the end of another great British film, The Blue Lamp. George Dixon was brought back to life for television and over the years has become the favourite of millions of viewers. What would have happened if Harry Lime had lived? What sort of man would he have become in the world of today - away from the intrigue, the black market and the sewers in the end-of-the-war Vienna? The answer to this will now be seen on Friday evenings in the new series of television films entitled The Third Man.

These films are the work of a partnership consisting of the BBC, National Telefilm Associates of America, and the British Lion Film Corporation. Twenty films have been made in Hollywood; nineteen are being shot in Britain at Shepperton Studios. The scripts of the British-produced episodes have been written by authors well known to television audiences in this country - among these, Iain MacCormick, Margot Bennett, John Kruse, John Player, and Anthony Steven. The two directors, Julian Aymes and Cliff Owen, are also familiar names on British television screens and the entire series is produced by Felix Jackson, a man whose reputation and experience in the film and television industries of both Europe and America are of the highest order. Jackson - composer, author, director, producer - was responsible for, among many other successes, the first television production of Twelve Angry Men and his gentle but firm artistic influence pervades the whole of the new and exciting series.

And now for the stars. Harry Lime is played by Michael Rennie, the famous English actor, ex-R.A.F pilot, who has built up a considerable reputation on both sides of the Atlantic. His elegant, detached, amused, yet powerful and forceful portrayal of the "new" Harry Lime will be seen in this country, America, Australia, Europe, and in most of the television countries of the world. He is the head of "Harry Lime Limited" in London, "Harry Lime Incorporated" in New York and a similar organization in most of the world's capitals. He attracts danger and beautiful women like a magnet, and he treats them both with a cool, smiling remoteness that is the despair of Bradford Webster, the Treasurer of his companies (played by Jonathan Harris) and the admiration of his Scotland Yard friend Arthur Shillings (played by Rupert Davies). The famous Harry Lime theme by Anton Karas will introduce these new and unpredictable adventures of Harry Lime on Friday nights for several months to come.

One Kind Word
TX : 2nd October 1959
Director : Cliff Owen
Writer :
Iain MacCormick

Cast :
Mai Zetterling, George Pastell, Eric Pohlmann, Bud Knapp, Anne Blake and Richard Burrell.

Synopsis : A beautiful girl, rescued from the Thames at London Bridge, links Harry Lime with his own earlier adventures in post-war Vienna.

Notes : Originally Transmitted: 9:00pm to 9:25pm

The Man Who Died Twice
TX : 9th October 1959
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : A J Carothers

Cast : Ilka Windish, Rudolfo Hoyos, Arthur Batanides, John Holland, Howard Culver, Nora O'Mahony and Kam Tony.

Synopsis : Harry Lime and his assistant Brad have discovered a body in their hotel room, but the discovery is no sooner made than the body disappears. This embarrassing situation leads directly to a hot-bed of political intrigue in South America.

Death Of An Overlord
TX : 16th October 1959
Director : David O McDearmon
Writer : David Swift

Cast : Leonora Dana, Stanley Adams, Bartlett Robinson, Frank Gerstle, Tom Browne Henry, Ted De Corsia, Tyler McVey, Miranda Jones, O Z Whitehead, Edmund Glover, Chuck Webster, Bill Mims, Bob Hopkins and Irving Mitchell.

Synopsis : Trying to help the widow of a gangster boss in Los Angeles, Harry Lime finds himself involved with the very quick as well as the dead.

The Best Policy
TX : 23rd October 1959
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : John Player

Cast : Venetia Stevenson, Andre Van Gyseghem (Baron Mecklin), David Lander, Miki Iveria, Lee Hamilton, Kevin Stoney (Johnson), Harriette Johns, Fiona Clyne and Andre Maranne (Hotel Porter).

Synopsis : A chance meeting in an airport reminds Harry Lime of the life of crime he once led and how a beautiful young girl and her evil father influenced her life.

The Indispensable Man
TX : 30th October 1959
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : Jack Laird

Cast : Jacques Aubuchon, Susan Cummings, Robert Cornthwaite, Ivan Triesault, John Bleifer, Ben Wright, Bek Nelson, Ed Hashim and Tania Velia.

Synopsis : Harry Lime travels to Paris to get a vital signature to an important document, but runs into difficulties when he tries to locate the man who must sign.

Sparks From A Dead Fire
TX : 6th November 1959
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : Robert Yale Libott

Cast : Anna-Lisa, George Voskovec, Sebastian Cabot, William Roerick, Lindsay Workman, Bek Nelson and Larkin Ford.

Synopsis : Harry Lime seeks in New York a man who had become legendary during the war years in Prague. He discovers him just in time and, with him, a source of unexpected wealth.

Three Dancing Turtles
TX : 13th November 1959
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Louise Collins, Bill Nagy, Michael Mulcaster, Robert Robinson, Yvonne Warren, Andrea Malandrinos, George Eugeniou and Arthur Gomez.

Synopsis : Black horses and sable plumes greet Harry Lime when he first sets foot in a small port in Sicily.

Hollywood Incident
TX : 20th November 1959
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : Richard Berg

Cast : Lorne Green, Patricia Barry, Frank Maxwell, Sheldon Allman and Hal Torey.

Synopsis : Harry Lime arrives in Hollywood with a painting and an old master which has long been coveted by a film director who is also an ardent art collector. Why then should the director turn down the painting in favour of some very dubious modern works?

A Question Of Price
TX : 27th November 1959
Director : David O McDearmon
Writer : Harry Brown

Cast : Viveca Lindfors, Simon Oakland, Rudolph Anders, Frank Dekova, Tom Greenway, Len Lesser, Cece Whitney, Martin Garralaga and Robert Sherman.

Synopsis : A precious casket becomes the motive for piracy and Harry Lime proves he is not always for sale to the highest bidder.

The Importance Of Being Harry Lime
TX : 4th December 1959
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : Iain MacCormick

Cast : Jeannette Sterke, Bernard Rebel, George Roderick, Maxine Aduley, Alan Tilvern and Ivan Craig.

Synopsis : Even Brad, his trusted assistant, doubts Harry Lime when he says that he is going to North Africa for a rest, and trouble dogs Harry's footsteps even on holiday.

Barcelona Passage
TX : 18th December 1959
Director : Cliff Owen
Writer : Don Shaw

Cast : Dawn Addams (Eva), Ferdy Mayne (Bertolli), Carl Jaffe, Allan Cuthbertson (Darrow), Gerard Heinz, Alec Mago, Jack Hedley, Joan Ingram and Maurice Hedley.

Synopsis : A strange assignment sends Harry Lime and Brad to join a ship in mid-voyage with orders to buy it. It is not accidental that an escaped bank-robber also happens to be on board.

Listen For The Sound Of A Witch
TX : 1st January 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : Hagar Wilde

Cast : Suzanne Pleshette, Joe De Santis, Theodore Marcuse, Eugene Borden, Ralph Moody, Raymond Bailey, Eugene Inglesias, Warren Parker, Raoul De Leon, Julian Rivero and Cynthia Lourdes.

Synopsis : On an aircraft to Lisbon, Harry Lime meets a garrulous young woman from Ohio. He is obliged to listen to tales her grandfather told her, but they prove to have a present-day significance.

A Collector's Item
TX : 8th January 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : John Player

Cast : Eileen Moore, John Merivale, Vera Fusek, Geoffrey Chater, Brian Oulton, Alan Rolfe and Tom Gill.

Synopsis : Four ancient Chinese wine-jars are bequeathed by an Earl to members of his family and although Harry Lime manages to acquire them all, only one is of real interest to him.

How To Buy A Country
TX : 15th January 1960
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : A J Carothers

Cast : Hugh Marlow, Patricia Cutts, Celia Lovsky, Otto Waldis, Bek Nelson, Gretchen Thomas, Cate Bauer and Alphonse Martell.

Synopsis : This being the history of Bradford Webster's first meeting with Harry Lime and of how a cheque bounced them both into trouble in Zurich

Dinner In Paris
TX : 22nd January 1960
Director : Anthony Bushell
Writer : Iain MacCormick

Cast : Yvonne Chanteau, Alexander Gauge, Thomas Duggan, Jocelyn Britton, John Hordon, Andre Charise and Michael Anthony.

Synopsis : A famous chef, who is an old friend of Harry Lime, invites him to a specially prepared dinner. While Harry approves of the menu, he is less enthusiastic about the company his friend keeps. Meanwhile, Bradford Webster, Lime's assistant, is shocked to find himself arrested for complicity in a murder.

The Third Medallion
TX : 29th January 1960
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : Milton Gelman

Cast : Nehemiah Persoff, Werner Klemperer, Narda Onyx, Patricia Donahue and Lisa Golm.

Synopsis : Three unique medallions were presented by the grateful government of France for services rendered by Free French agents. Harry Lime disc overs the owners of two of the medallions, but who is the third agent?

The Angry Young Man
TX : 5th February 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : Richard Berg

Cast : Roger Moore (Jimmy Simms), Hazel Court, Max Adrian and Jean Marsh (Helene).

Synopsis : The neurotic son of a famous man is finally convinced by Harry Lime that he should never underestimate the power of a woman.

High Finance
TX : 12th February 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : Anthony Steven

Cast : Yvonne Monlaur, John Bentley, George Pravda (Praag), Ingeborg Wells, Andre Mikhelson, Arnold Diamond and Martin Sterndale.

Synopsis : Harry Lime takes Brad with him to North Africa to investigate the imminent failure of a bauxite company in which he has an interest. While Brad occupies himself with the company's finances, Harry has more exciting business to attend to.

Castle In Spain
TX : 19th February 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : Stanford Whitmore

Cast : Kurt Kreuger, Violet Rensing, John Banner, Antony Eustrel and Mack Williams.

Synopsis : An American heiress summons Harry Lime to Vienna and a meeting in a café at Grinzing leads him to an old acquaintance he would prefer to forget.

Toys Of The Dead

TX : 26th February 1960
Director :
Anthony Bushell
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Isabel Jeans (Dame Lavinia), Maureen Moore, Stephen Berkoff, Marne Maitland, S Chosal, Fred Johnson, Simon Weera and Christopher Carlos.

Synopsis : Harry Lim visits Ceylon in search of some priceless jewels, and Brad's premonition that something sinister is involved proves fully justified.

The Girl Who Didn't Know
TX : 11th March 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : Iain MacCormick

Cast : Liam Redmond (McKevin), Michael Pate, Valerie French, Geoffrey Steele, Christopher Cook, Louise Kent, Jefferson Searles and Glenn Dixon.

Synopsis : Harry Lime wonders why some forged printing plates should have become so important to a man on the point of leaving prison, especially when he discovers that the convict is not the only person interested in them.

A Deal In Oils
TX : 18th March 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : Alun Falconer

Cast : Nadia Gray, Charles Irwin, Doris Nolan, Roger Delgado (Henri Banear), Lloyd Lamble (Inspector Claze) and Raymond Young (Alain).

Synopsis : A million dollars for 6 paintings may seem not too a high a price - if they are geneuine. Harry Lime, acting as a go-between, finds that any crime, even murder, may be committed when such a large sum of money is involved.

A Man Takes A Trip
TX : 25th March 1960
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : Jameson Brewer

Cast : Elizabeth Montgomery, Herbert Rudley, Franco Corsaro, Edward Colmans, Hope Summers and Freddy Roberto.

Synopsis : Harry Lime accepts an assignment to a South American country to protect a visiting American politician. He finds that he has been framed and is likely to be the cause of the death of the man he has come to protect.

A Pocketful Of Sin
TX : 1st April 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : Laszlo Gorog

Cast : Paula Raymond, Marcel Hillaire, Alberto Morin, Edgar Barrier, Jan Arvan, Salvador Baguez, John Mylong, Maya Van Horn, Peter Amon, Anthony Joachim and Herbert Deans.

Synopsis : After some lessons at a dancing academy in Paris, Harry Lime side-steps some tricky international operators who are dancing to a very different tune.

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
TX : 8th April 1960
Director : Anthony Bushell
Writer : John Player

Cast : Moira Redmond, George Mikell, David Browning, Rosalie Ashley and Philip Leaver.

Synopsis : A diplomat's daughter seeks out Harry Lime in London and asks him to trace her fiancé; and Harry finds himself entangled in a web of international intrigue.

The Tenth Symphony
TX : 22nd April 1960
Director : Anthony Bushell
Writer : Ian MacCormick

Cast : Felix Aylmer, Marianne Braun, Laurence Naismith (Ostrow), Joanna Vogel, Dennis Edwards and Victor Beaumont.

Synopsis : The discovery of the score of a tenth symphony by Beethoven would be a glittering prize for someone - so bright in fact that even Harry Lime might well be dazzled.

Trouble At Drill Hill
TX : 13th May 1960
Director : David O McDearmon
Writer : David Swift

Cast : Onslow Stevens, Elaine Stewart, Robert Wilks, Elisha Cook, Harry Landers and Robert Nash.

Synopsis : When trouble begins at an oilfield in the USA, owned by Harry Lime, he decides to investigate personally. On arrival at the site Harry is amazed at the lack of asssistance from the local sheriff.

The Man With Two Left Hands
TX : 27th May 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : James Warwick

Cast : Julie Hopkins, Noel Willman, Walter Cotell and John Stratton.

Synopsis : A legacy worth thirty-thousand pounds is left to Harry Lime by a man he does not know, and this leads to discoveries of a still more valuable nature.

As The Twig Is Bent
TX : 3rd June 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : David Chandler

Cast : Eduardo Ciannelli, Ziva Rodann, Frank Publia, Vito Scotti, Ruggero Romor and Oresete Seragnoli.

Synopsis : An incident in Harry Lime's not-so-innocent past catches up with him and he flies to Genoa to try to make amends.

A Box Of Eyes
TX : 10th June 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Betty McDowall, Felix Felton, Sydney Vivian, Margaret D'Arcy, Brian Weske, Harry Towb and John Abineri (Bernard).

Synopsis : A deal in native voodoo "novelty" dolls hardly seems important enough for Harry Lime - unless, of course, a pretty girl is involved, and there is more in this doll than meets the eye.

An Experiment With Money
TX : 24th June 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : Margot Bennett

Cast : Delphi Lawrence, John Warwick, Martin Boddey, Harry Tardios and Cameron Hall.

Synopsis : When an unknown foreigner is found in Harry Lime's office with a Greek dagger in his back, and a Greek banknote is stuffed in the telephone, it seems that the Greeks might have a word for it!

Broken Strings
TX : 1st July 1960
Director : Paul Stanley
Writer : Richard Collins. Teleplay by Milton Gelman.

Cast : Nancy Gates (Lilo), Stephen Bekassy, Oscar Beregi, Harald Dyrenforth, Irene Seidner and David Janti.

Synopsis : A famous violin is stolen after a concert in Paris and Harry Lime is instrumental in its being returned to those most interested in its recovery.

Five Hours To Kill
TX : 8th July 1960
Director : Arthur Hiller
Writer : Oliver Crawford

Cast : Madlyn Rhue, Marcio Alcalde, John Wengraf, Donald Randolph, Eduardo Noriega and Bek Nelson.

Synopsis : To Brad, the five hours of waiting in a hotel room in a Middle Eastern country while Harry Lime carries out an important mission seems very long. For Harry, they are even longer, for he comes as close to death as he has ever been.

The Widow Who Wasn't
TX : 15th July 1960
Director : Anthony Bushell
Writer : Lindsay Galloway

Cast : Honor Blackman (Maureen), Alfred Burke (Braun), Richard Leech (Inspector Workington), Mignon O'Doherty and Harold Goodwin (Willie).

Synopsis : Priceless treasures, looted from European art collections during the war, traveled to unexpected places. Harry Lime's latest assignment takes him to a small fishing village in Eire in a search which proves more dangerous than it appears at first.

Death In Small Instalments
TX : 22nd July 1960
Director : Julian Aymes
Writer : Rex Rientis

Cast : Lisa Gastoni, Laurence Payne, Ralph Truman, Martin Boddey and Olga Lowe.

Synopsis : If a dying man is determined to find the man who has killed his son, the safest place for the killer to hide, as Harry Lime guesses, may be under the sick man's very nose.

Harry Lime And The King
TX : 29th July 1960
Director : Anthony Bushell
Writer : John Graeme

Cast : Sydney Tafler, John Le Mesurier (Prime Minister) and Philip Friend.

Synopsis : AHarry Lime gets mixed up in Middle Eastern oil politics. The situation is further complicated by the beautiful Fawsia (Marla Landi).

Dark Island
TX : 5th August 1960
Director :
Paul Stanley
Writer : Ed Adamson

Cast : Patricia Medina, Abraham Sofaer, Alan Napier, Oscar Beregi, Ric Roman, Robert Tafur and Charles Thompson.

Synopsis : The recovery of a golden goblet leads Harry Lime from London to Istanbul and thence by plane to an unknown destination. Upon arrival, he finds the answer to more than one unsolved mystery.

Confessions Of An Honest Man
TX : 12th August 1960
Director :
Paul Stanley
Writer : Merwin Gerard

Cast : Joanne Linville, John Wengraf, Louis Mercer, Peter Humphreys, Pitt Herbert and Robert Carricart.

Synopsis : A lost glove makes a journey from Rome to Monte Carlo via London, and Harry Lime sets out on his travels once again to find that he has a case that is almost "too hot to handle".

An Offering Of Pearls
TX : 19th August 1960
Director :
Cliff Owen
Writer : Margot Bennett

Cast : Anna Gaylor, Peter Illing, Martin Benson, Gaylord Cavallaro and Austin Trevor.

Synopsis : A crook may try to sell fake jewels as the real thing; so when Harry Lime is offered a string of priceless pearls for the price of a fake, he smells a rat.

Radio Times (June 28, 1962) - The Third Man. "It's never safe to carry more than one hundred thousand pounds in cash," Harry Lime once warned Bradford Webster. He was only half-joking. For Harry Lime is a highly successful international businessman who always lives on the edge of danger. And tonight you can see the first of his latest adventures in a new series of The Third Man. As in the highly successful first series, Michael Rennie stars as Harry Lime, and Jonathan Harris is again Bradford Webster, his patient, prudish treasurer, who prefers not to be reminded of his employer's past. For though Harry Lime is now a legitimate businessman, it was not always so.

This is why the police are still interested in his movements, whether he goes to his dude ranch in Arizona, his crocodile-skin business in Sydney, his Saskatchewan uranium mines, or wherever his world-wide interests may take him. It is partly Harry's mysterious past which makes him so attractive to the beautiful women who inhabit his life - women portrayed by such actresses as Maxine Audley and Barbara Shelley, who appears in tonight's episode. In the world of Harry Lime enemies are ever-lurking in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Sometimes it is his money they're after; but often it is revenge, for imagined wrongs in the past. A few of the characters who come up against Harry Lime in this second series are played by Athene Seyler, Bernard Lee, Barry Jones and Marius Goring. As in the first series, some of the new stories in The Third Man were filmed in Britain, and some in the U.S.A, where the programme has always been a favourite.

A Question Of Libel
TX : 2nd July 1962
Director :
Stuart Burge
Writer : John Warwick

Cast : Athene Seyler, Sydney Tafler, Barbara Shelley and Ralph Michael.

Synopsis : When the magazine Pride And Country publishes a libelous article about three easily recognizable people in the little village of Highfield, Harry Lime, as owner of the paper, is sued for three-hundred-thousand pounds. It seems that his only defence is to prove the statements true in substances and in fact.
Notes : Season Two Originally Transmitted: 8:05pm to 8:30pm

TX : 9th July 1962
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Tom Gries Teleplay by Mary C McCall Junior

Cast : Adrienne Hayes, Ann Lee, Carol Ohmart and John Hudson.

Synopsis : A new, intriguing perfume can be worth a fortune to its owner. When Paul Portell (Gerald Mohr), creator of Mischka, dies shortly after its launching. Harry Lime finds there are a number of persons who would be glad to have him out of the way to exploit the new perfume for their own enrichment. But the formula has disappeared …

The Cross Of Candos
TX : 16th July 1962
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Ben Perry

Cast : Edgar Varrier, Ralph Manza and Peter Brocco.

Synopsis : In his youth, Plato Kazantis (Ernest Sarracino) stole a valuable cross from a church and sold it. The money he got for it, in fact, started him on the road to a fortune. Now that he is growing old his conscience troubles him and he wants to restore the cross; but so far his efforts have been in vain. There is only one man who can help him … And tonight, when Harry Lime sets out in search of the cross of Candos he soon runs into trouble, danger, and, of course, attractive women, among them Karla (Theona Bryant).

Happy Birthday
TX : 13th August 1962
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Philip Satzman

Cast : Louis Mercer, Jacki Loughery, Johnny O'Neill and Bernard Kates.

Synopsis : Harry buys Brad a pair of valuable stamps as a birthday present. But Brad is a connoisseur; and from the moment he recognizes them as clever forgeries his life is in danger.
Notes : This episode was postponed from its original transmission date of July 23rd, 1962

Queen Of The Nile
TX : 20th August 1962
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Robert Sherman

Cast : Lisabeth Hush, Norman Varden, Charles Cooper, Thomas H Henry and Jamie Farr.

Synopsis : Harry Lime agrees to ship a valuable cargo of hand-worked silks from Alexandria to New York in one of his freighters, on a sharing basis. Unfortunately, the Customs officials discover there is more in the crates than bolts of silk, and Harry finds himself in serious trouble.
Notes : This episode was postponed from its original transmission date of July 30th, 1962.

Calculated Risk
TX : 30th March 1963
Director : Paul Henreid
Writer : Fred Schiller and Mary C McCall Junior

Cast : Alan Caillou, Linda Wong, Jim Howe and George Pelling.

Synopsis : Harry Lime, once the mysterious figure of the Viennese shadows, but now an honest international businessman, resumes his activities in the new series starting tonight. Once again, Lime, brought to life as before by Michael Rennie, is staunchly supported by that unsmiling pillar of New England rectitude, Bradford Webster. Much of the earlier series was shot in Hollywood, but Lime's new adventures will be the product of a British studio, Elstree. However, the action tonight ranges far from either Britain or America, when Lime travels to Hong Kong to give his personal attention to a contract which looks like falling through because of the activities of some local criminals. Surprisingly, it is the contents of a dustbin which show him how to sort the matter out.

No Word For Danger
TX : 6th April 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Vincent Tilsley

Cast : Inia Te Wiata, Mandy Miller, Harold Goldblatt and Linda Marlow.

Synopsis : Harry Lime goes to Canada to bid for uranium-bearing land in the far North. But the owner's only concern is the welfare of his Eskimos - the smiling, trusting people who have no word for danger.

Lord Bradford
TX : 13th April 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Anthony Steven and Vincent Tilsley

Cast : Barbara Shelley, John Laurie (Rushworth), A J Brown and Larry Cross.

Synopsis : Brad receives the astounding news that, following the death of the Tenth Viscount, he is now Bradford, Lord Webster, Eleventh Viscount and Peter of the Realm. He takes to his exalted position as a duck takes to water, and Harry begins to fear that he may have to look for a new treasurer.

King's Ransom
TX : 20th April 1963
Director :
David MacDonald
Writer : Anthony Steven

Cast : Mervyn Johns (Geoffrey Ormsby), Olaf Pooley (Professor Beesley) and Barry Jones.

Synopsis : An offer of a half share in the ransom of King Charles I sets Harry Lime reading his English history again.

Hamburg Shakedown
TX : 27th April 1963
Director :
John Newland
Writer : Mary C McCall Junior and John Kruse

Cast : Annie Farge, Jack Livesey, Harold Dyrenforth and Oren Curtis.

Synopsis : An attempt to smuggle a diamond ring across the German frontier in a packet of butter … a lovely innocent-looking girl … and for once Harry Lime is caught off his guard.

The Unexpected Mister Lime
TX : 4th May 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Peter Yeldham

Cast : Peter Iling, April Olrich, George Coulouris and Michael Mellinger.

Synopsis : When Harry arrives unexpectedly in Beirut and a few hours later his freighter, the SS Demetrio Bay, explodes outside the harbour, it is inevitable that the police connect the two events and do not believe in the long arm of coincidence.

Diamond In The Rough
TX : 11th May 1963
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : William Link and Richard Levinson

Cast : Bob Shayne, Cyril Delevanti, Yvonne Lime, Tol Avery and Linda Watkins.

Synopsis : Harry plans to employ the best man in the business to cut a valuable diamond for him, and discovers an old friend in trouble.

Portrait Of Harry
TX : 18th May 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : John Player

Cast : Moira Redmond, Bernard Lee (Angus Meyrick) and Neil McCarthy.

Synopsis : For the first time in his life Harry allows a lovely young artist to paint his portrait, although there is more to this picture than meets the eye.

Man In Power
TX : 25th May 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Robert Leslie Bellem

Cast : Rodolfo Hoyos, Pamela Duncan, Nestir Paiva and Steve Conte.

Synopsis : Harry Lime is surprised to find he is unwelcome in Santo Sanduras when he goes to sell that impoverished country a cheap generating plant.

Meeting Of The Board
TX : 8th June 1963
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Robert Sherman

Cast : Robert Karnes, K T Stevens, Laurie Main and Jon Lormer.

Synopsis : Without the brains and knowledge of the proprietor, the prosperous firm of Potter Electronics would be worth nothing. But a blackmailer is threatening to put Potter in prison, and Harry Lime has to take action.

Hansel And Son
TX : 15th June 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Mary C McCall Junior and Lee Berg

Cast : Frank Ferguson, Lili Kardell, Paul Trinka and Vance Skarstedt.

Synopsis : No synopsis available.

Act Of Atonement
TX : 13th July 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Robert Sherman

Cast : Nora Hayden, Robert Christopher and Bernard Fein.

Synopsis : Harry Mott (Addison Richards) leaves money to build a memorial hospital, but his daughter refuses to carry out her father's wishes. Harry Lime determines to find the reason for her change of mind.

Ghost Town
TX : 27th July 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : William Link and Richard Levison

Cast : Rosemarie Bowe, John Mitchum, Edward Norris and Harry Lauter.

Synopsis : Harry Lime, visiting a ghost town, is fired at from an apparently empty saloon - which leads him to think that the ghost must have something to hide.

Gold Napoleons
TX : 3rd August 1963
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : R K Palmer

Cast : Oscar Beregi, Ziva Rodann, Steven Geray and Art Balinger.

Synopsis : Harry Lime buys a valuable antique for a client who insists on paying in gold coins. He soon finds that "all that glitters is not gold" - but the luck of Harry Lime still holds.

Bradford's Dream
TX : 10th August 1963
Director : Robert M Leeds
Writer : Anthony Steven and Vincent Tilsley

Cast : Eric Pohlmann, Susan Travers, Ingrid Harper and John Bennett.

Synopsis : Brad dreams of emulating his famous boss and pulling off a big deal but finds he has not yet acquired the subtle and profitable Harry Lime touch.

The Way Of McEagle
TX : 17th August 1963
Director : David MacDonald
Writer : John Player

Cast : Laurence Naismith (The McCriach of McCriach), Jean Anderson, Eileen Moore and Fraser Kerr.

Synopsis : Harry nearly buys a fine Scottish estate. But a rival clan are determined that no Sassenach shall have land that should by rights be theirs.

Who Killed Harry Lime?
TX : 24th August 1963
Director : Robert M Leeds
Writer : Philip Saltzman

Cast : Virginia Gregg, Bernie Gozier, Ann Atmar and Weaver Lee.

Synopsis :
The newspaper headline "Harry Lime Dead" may have been greatly exaggerated; but it certainly looks as if the bomb planted on the plane was meant to kill him.

A Question In Ice
TX : 27th June 1964
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : John Warwick

Cast : Marius Goring (Colonel Dimonella), Joanna Dunham (Nina Dimonella) and Patrick Troughton (Luigi Carvossa).

Synopsis : Did Harry Lime cause the death of an Italian partisan and steal a large sum of money? The evidence is buried with the body in a glacier … and now, eighteen years later, the glacier is about to reveal its secret.

Notes : Season Three Originally Transmitted: 10:30pm to 10:55pm

TX : 4th July 1964
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Robert Bloomfield

Cast : Robert Tafuer, Theodore Marcuse, Eve Marlow and Harry Bartell.

Synopsis : A bloodstained banknote reminds Harry Lime of an old debt he owes to a man he would now rather not know. But Harry always pays his debts …

A Crisis In Crocodiles
TX : 1st August 1964
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : John Warwick

Cast : Jill Ireland, John Meillor, John Barrie and Alistair Williamson.

Synopsis : When Harry Lime receives an anonymous offer for some shares he doesn't even know he owns, he is interested by puzzled, especially when he finds that the company deals in crocodiles.

Judas Goat
TX : 8th August 1964
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Robert Sherman

Cast : Howard Caine, Chana Eden, Isobel Elsom and Abraham Sofaer.

Synopsis : Harry Lime flies to the Far East to investigate the sudden canceling of a valuable contract and finds himself accused of complicity in a crime he did not commit.

A Little Knowledge
TX : 15th August 1964
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Raymond Bowers

Cast : Yvonne Romain, Leonard Sachs (Curro Garcia), Roger Delgado (Luis Mendoza) and Ferdy Mayne.

Synopsis : Harry has been only a few hours in Madrid when he is shot at. For once in his life, he hasn't the least idea why anyone in Spain should want to kill him.

The Day Of The Bullfighter
TX : 22nd August 1964
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Philip Salzman.

Cast : Karen Booth, Frank De Kova and Anna Navarro.

Synopsis : Ex-bullfighter Luis Compos (Victor Millan) attributes his changed fortunes to "mala suerte". But Harry Lime does not believe in bad luck.

Mars In Conjunction
TX : 5th September 1964
Director :
John Ainsworth
Writer : Phyllis White and Robert White

Cast : Terence De Marney, Georgina Ward, Francis De Wolff and Maurice Kaufmann.

Synopsis : Harry Lime may not believe in astrology, but when an astrologer predicts that he will be dead within a month, even he takes extra care.

The Big Kill
TX : 12th September 1964
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Robert Sherman

Cast : Jean Allison, Bert Remson and John Harmon.

Synopsis : Harry Lime refuses police protection when embezzler Steve (Henry Beckman) is released from prison. But the very real threat to Harry comes from a different quarter.

Frame Up
TX : 26th September 1964
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Gene Wang

Cast : Grace Raynor, Frank Albertson, Steve Gravers and Allen Jung.

Synopsis : A beautiful young woman gets into Harry Lime's hotel suite, followed by an irate husband. Once again, harry has to use his ingenuity to get out of a dangerous situation.

The House Of Bon-Bons
TX : 6th August 1965
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Martin Miller, Lisa Daniely, Guy Deghy, Paul Whitsun-Jones and John Gabriel.

Synopsis : For tax purposes, Harry Lime prefers that his chocolate factory shall make a loss. When it shows a substantial profit he is mystified, for the chocolates certainly haven't improved.

The Man At The Top
TX : 13th August 1965
Director :
John Moxey
Writer : John Warwick

Cast : Carole Gray, Harold Kasket, John Arnatt, Sandra Dorme, Alfred Burke and Cyril Shaps.

Synopsis : Malta is a convenient centre from which to run an extensive smuggling operation - or so the police believe. And someone is anxious to make them believe that Harry Lime is the man who runs it - the man at the top.

The Luck Of Harry Lime
TX : 27th August 1965
Director :
Paul Henreid
Writer : Gene Wang

Cast : Lizabeth Scott, John Zaremba and Judee Morton.

Synopsis : When a ruthless tycoon, J.B Masters (Willis Bouchey), knows he is dying, he is determined first to get even with Harry Lime, who had once got the better of him. Will Harry's famous luck still hold against such an adversary?

BBC Television concluded The Third Man on 27 August 1965. However, there were four further episodes produced but never transmitted in the United Kingdom. These episodes were broadcast in the United States on NBC, and are outlined as follows...
The Trial Of Harry Lime
TX : 29th March 1963 (NBC)
Director :
Robert M Leeds
Writer : Michael Gilbert

Cast : Esmond Knight (Theodore Ratteau), Peter Reynolds (Michael Raynor), Margit Saad (Magda), Maurice Denham (Hargest Macrea) and Ronald Leight-Hunt (Richard Elton).

Synopsis : Elderly Theodore Ratteau asks Harry Lime to deliver some diamonds to a man named Michael Raynor. He does - and winds up as a murder suspect when Ratteau is found dead.

Proxy Flight
TX : 12th March 1963 (NBC)
Director :
No details available
Writer : No details available

Cast : No details available

Synopsis : No details available

Members Only (Part 1)
TX : 19th March 1963
Director :
No details available
Writer : No details available

Cast : No details available

Synopsis : Harry Lime is asked to join an exclusive millionaire's club on an island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Members Only (Part 2)
TX : 26th March 1963 (NBC)
Director :
No details available
Writer : No details available

Cast : No details available

Synopsis : Harry Lime learns that the exclusive millionaire's club, where he is being held prisoner, is really a hideout for international gangsters.

Following the successful transition from cinema to television of Dixon Of Dock Green (a spin-off from the popular British film The Blue Lamp), The Third Man (already a cinematic success of the same title with Orson Welles as the inimitable Harry Lime) premiered on BBC 1 in late 1959.

A rare example of trans-atlantic co-operation between BBC Television, the National Telefilm Associates of America and the British Lion Film Corporation, the series featured Michael Rennie as Harry Lime, an international jetsetter and troubleshooter who lived on his wits.

The cinematic version of The Third Man had seen Lime murdered at its climax, but the programme assumed the premise of "What would have happened if Harry Lime had lived?" and continued on the same route away from war-torn Vienna.

The series primarily revolved around the business dealings of Lime (with the assistance of his financial adviser, Bradford Webster, portrayed by Lost In Space's Jonathan Harris), which took him to various countries around the world in the pursuit of wealth through several shady deals. When Lime wasn't pursuing a lucrative deal or had his eye on a rewarding purchase, he would become involved in the pursuit of shady characters or investigate the disappearance of loved ones and friends on behalf of the rich and powerful.

Essentially a hired gun, Lime knew where to draw the limit and often switched loyalties in mid-stream when the facts originally presented to him proved to lack substance or truth.

The Third Man was virtually one of the first private detective serials, and indirectly established the foundations for future successful programmes such as The Avengers, The Persuaders, The Protectors, The Professionals and Bergerac (to a limited extent).

The programme was originally recorded in Hollywood, but late in the first season the production unit transferred to Shepperton Studios in Britain for the remainder of the series. The transfer to the United Kingdom saw a radical change in the supporting cast, with predominately American actors populating the original episodes whilst later series would see a transition to British actors (though the production unit remained ostensibly American).

Notable supporting performances included Kevin Stoney, Roger Moore, Lorne Green, Dawn Addams, Jean Marsh, Roger Delgado and Elizabeth Montgomery. Cliff Owen was a notable inclusion in the list of directors, whilst Antony Steven (Doctor Who - The Twin Dilemma, All Creatures Great And Small) was amongst the writing contributors.
The series has never been released on either VHS or DVD.

Text © Matthew Lee, 2004.

Regular Characters
Portrayed By
Harry Lime
Michael Rennie
Bradford Webster
Jonathan Harris
Arthur Shillings
Rupert Davies
Naomi Chance

The Executive Producer for the programme was Vernon Burns. Series 1 was produced by Felix Jackson. Series 2 was produced by E M Smedley-Aston (Parts 1, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 20 and 21) and Irving Asher (Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 22). Series 3 was produced by E M Smedley-Aston (Parts 1, 3, 4, 7, 10 and 11) and Irving Asher (Parts 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 12).
Please note synopsis are taken from the original Radio Times listings for the day of transmission.