Associated Redifussion 1963 - 1965
TX : 2nd April 1963
Director : Raymond Menmuir
Writer : Terence Feely
Cast : Micheal Robbins, Jennifer Browne, Guy Deghy, Bruce Montague, James Bree, Robert Crewdson, Richard Clarke, Annette Carrell, Charles Hill, Megan Latimer, Gabar Baraker, Stanley Morgan

Notes :
Season one was broadcast on Tuesday nights between 8:05pm and 9:00pm. Gerald Flood was born in Portsmouth in 1927 and was a wireless operator in 2nd World War. Amongst his many roles in both film and TV he has appeared in episodes of the following shows - Randall and Hopkirk Deceased, Steptoe and Son, The Strange Report, Out Of This World, Callan and Dr Who. He also appeared in Pathfinders, City Beneath The Sea, Plateau of Fear and Secret Beneath The Sea. He died in 1989 from a heart attack.

TX : 9th April 1963
Director : Peter Moffatt
Writer : Eric Allen
Cast : Charles Tingwell, Katharine Blake, Desomd Jordan, Arthur White, Graham Suter, David Nettheim

Notes : Australian born actor Charles Tingwell was a popular TV actor during the 1960s and was born in 1923. During the late 50's Tingwell became a household name thanks to his role as an early series regular in the soap Emergency - Ward 10. Amongst his other notable TV appearances are roles in The Avengers, Out of the Unknown, Adam Adamant Lives! and UFO. He is now best remembered for supplying his vocal talents to Captain Scarlet and other Gerry Anderson productions. Still active as an actor and director Tingwell now lives back in his native Australia.

TX : 16th April 1963
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Ludovic Peters
Cast : Peter Reynolds, Derek Benfield, David Graham, Bruce Montague, John Herrington, Guy Deghy, Keith Rawlings, John Bryning, David Futcher, Nicholas Evans, Raymond Young, James Gill

Notes : Born in 1927 actor Patrick Allen is now probably more famous for his vocal talents due to his narration of many, many adverts and as the announcer on the Frankie Goes To Hollywood single Two Tribes.

TX : 23rd April 1963
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Patrick Alexander
Cast : Bruce Montague, Anthony Steele, Thalia Kouri, Geoffrey Colville, Arnold Yarrow, Richard Davies, Guy De Lancey, Henry Soskin, Peter Allenby

Notes : Bruce Montague is now better remembered as Leonard Dunn, the potential lover of Ria (Wendy Craig) in the BBC sitcom Butterflies. Predominantly regarded as a comedic actor or light leading man he has also appeared in more serious roles in Dimensions In Fear, The Baron, Piorot and most recently the daytime BBC soap Doctors.

TX : 30th April 1963
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : James Brabagon and Patrick Alexander
Cast : Alexander Davion, Warren Mitchell, Bryan Woolfe, Eileen Wray, Sydney Arnold, Alex Davion, Hugh Futcher, Bryan Woolfe, John Fletcher, Cyril Shaps, Barbara Bermel, Michael Nightingale, Gordon Rollings, Elizabeth Hayford, Norris Johnson, Chinks Barucha

Notes : French born actor Alexander Davion has had roles in numerous cult TV shows including Man of the World, The Avengers, Out of the Unknown, UFO, Van Der Valk and The Professionals.

TX : 7th May 1963
Director : Geoffrey Hughes
Writer : Bruno Christian from a story by Guy Clarke
Cast : Donald Morley, Madi Hedd, Rex Garner, John Atkinson, Joe Enrika, Horace James, Ian Gardiner, Terry Bale, Louise Raynes

Notes : Director Geoffrey Hughes had previously worked on Top Secret.

TX : 14th May 1963
Director : Peter Moffatt
Writer : Leo Lehman
Cast : Sally Nesbitt, Dermot Walsh, Desmond Newling, Mellan Mitchell, Edmund Bailey, Frank Singuineau

Notes : Director Peter Moffatt began his career as an actor before taking up a role behind the camera. He would later direct several Dr Who stories including The Visitation and The Five Doctors and had also worked on Top Secret, New Scotland Yard and All Creatures Great and Small.

TX : 21st May 1963
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Max Marquis
Cast : Peter Bowles, Reginald Barratt, Margot van der Burgh, Charles Carson, Barbara Assoon, Jose Berlinka, Michael Peake, Gertan Klauber, Margaret Denyer, Edward Cast, Brian Cant

Notes : Peter Bowles was born on 16 October 1936 in London. He has appeared in most of the major ITC film series right upto Space 1999 and has also guested in episodes of Redcap, Out of the Unknown, Survivors, Adam Adamant Lives!, Public Eye, Jonathan Creek and the recent remake of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Also an equally talented comedy actor Bowles also had lead roles in the sitcoms Only When I Laugh and To The Manor Born.

TX : 28th May 1963
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Max Marquis
Cast : Barry Keegan, Alec Mango, Maitland Ross, Maitland Moss, Andreas Malandrinos, Bernard Rebel, Frank Tregear, Richard Marner, Maria Andipa, Roy Patrick

Notes : Actor Barry Keegan (1922 -1977) also appeared in Redcap (The Orderly Officer), The Avengers (Death on the Slipway) and Special Branch.

TX : 4th June 1963
Director : Geoffrey Hughes
Writer : Phyllis and Robert White
Cast : Steve Plytas, Peter Newton, John Hollis, Dalia Penn, Christopher Carlos, James Wellman, Steve Plytas, Paul Gillard, Lloyd Reckord, Bill Hepper

Notes : Steve Plytas specialised in playing Europeans or Russians in a career than began in the late fifties. Often a bit part player in films Plytas found more substantial roles in such TV fair as The Avengers (Immortal Clay, A Touch of Brimstone), Dr Who (Tenth Planet), Department S, The Champions, Jason King and The Professionals. His comedic roles include episodes of Man About the House, Robins Nest, Keep It In The Family and most famously Fawlty Towers (Gourmet Night).

TX : 11th June 1963
Director : Peter Moffatt
Writer : Alan Plater
Cast : Arthur Hewlett, Edgar Wreford, John Rumney, Tom Gill, Louis Raynor, Tony Cyrus

Notes : Alan Plater was born in Jarrow in 1935 and started his televised writing career with a string of plays before contributing to Softly Softly Task Force. He has been a full-time writer since 1961, with over two hundred assorted credits in radio, television, theatre and films - plus three novels. His most fondly remembered work is the jazz tinged detective drama trilogy The Beiderbecke Affair/Tapes/Connection which starred James Bolam. More recent work includes several episodes of Dalziel and Pascoe.

TX : 18th June 1963
Director : Robert Doubleday
Writer : David Cumming
Cast : Peter Arne, Jaqueline Ellis, Alan Tilvern, Nicholas Evans, Nadja Regin, Richard Gatehouse, Nisar Hussein

Notes : Jaqueline Ellis also appeared in two episodes of The Saint. In the episode The Ever-Loving Spouse she played Norma Upton, whilst in The Golden Frog she played Alice Nestor.

TX : 25th June 1963
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Frank Harbourne
Cast : George Colouris, John Barnett, Alec Mango, John Bennett, Gautam Mukerjee, Dallas Cavell, John Quayle, Ray Roberts, Michael Mellinger

Notes : Christopher Hodson had previously directed for the series Top Secret. He was responsible for the sitcom Educating Archie (1958-1959) which starred the enduring radio personality Archie Andrews (a ventriloquists dummy). During the 70s he contributed to several episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs and produced the spin off series Thomas and Sarah (1979). More recently he co-directed Chocky (1984) based on the book by John Wyndham.

TX : 13th January 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Patrick Tilley
Cast : Peter Vaughn, Patricia Haines, Gertan Klauber, Leonard Trolley, Loius Raynor, Michael Hawkins

Notes : Episodes from the second season where transmitted on Mondays between 8:00pm and 9:00pm.

TX : 20th January 1964
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Max Marquis
Cast : William Marlowe, Ingrid Hafner, Emrys James, Leonard Trolley, David Graham, Peter Taylor, Elisabeth Welch, David Lander, James Culliford, David Nettheim, Phyllis Montefiore, J Mark Roberts

Notes : William Marlowe, born on 25th July 1932, has been cropping up on the screen as villians, policemen and military types since the 60's. TV credits include Out Of This World, Ghost squad, The Avengers (Who was That Man I Saw You With?), Callan, The Persuaders! and Dr Who (Revenge of the Cybermen and The Mind of Evil). He was the regular character DCI Bill Russell in the series The Gentle Touch.

TX : 27th January 1964
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Bruce Christian and Reed De Rouen
Cast : Colin Gordon, Richard Vernon, Jan Waters,

Notes : Reed De Rouen was also an actor. Amongst his telefantasy and cult credits are roles in The Invisible Man (The White Rabbit), The Avengers (The Far Distant Dead and The Removal Men) and Dr Who as Pa Clayton in The Gunfighters.

TX : 3rd February 1964
Director : Peter Moffatt
Writer : Max Marquis
Cast : Bill Nagy, Louis Rayner, Jennifer White

Notes : Actor Bill Nagy was born in 1900 in Canada and was a dependable character actor who appeared in Danger Man three times - The Mirror's New, Hired Assassin and The Countessa. Other TV roles include The Avengers, Out of the Unknown, Department S and a stint in Coronation Street as the character Greg Flint. One of his last roles before his death in 1973 was in the sci fi film ZPG (thats Zero Population Growth) which also starred Oliver Reed and Geraldine Chaplin.

TX : 10th February 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Raymond Bowers
Cast : Annette Andre, Dudley Foster

Notes : Born in Sydney, Australia on 24th June 1939 Annette Andre is now most famous for her role of the widowed Jeannie in the orginal series of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). A popular face in ITC series Andre began her screen career with blink and you miss her roles in the films Cleopatra and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. She made her UK TV screen debut shortly after in the serial Emerald Street and also made her debut in UK films with This Is My Street (1963) opposite John Hurt, Mike Pratt and Ian Hendry. The film was directed by favourite ITC Sidney Hayers. A flurry of screen credits the followed : Sentimental Agent, The Saint, The Avengers, Gideon's Way, The Baron, Adamant Ant Lives! and The Prisoner. Andre also auditioned for the role of Sharron Macready eventually won by Alexandra Bastedo in the series The Champions. After her appearance in Randall and Hopkirk Andre found she had become typecast and found TV and film roles becoming rarer, but did manage to clock up appearances in The Persuaders!, The New Avengers and The Return of the Saint. In 1984 she appeared in the the infamous soap Crossroads and then in 1988 she appeared in an episode of Maigret where she met American producer Arthur Weingarten whom she married a year later.

TX : 17th February 1964
Director : Ronald Marriott
Writer : Gerald Wilson
Cast : Philip Latham, Ric Hutton, Lee Richardson

Notes : RADA trained actor Philip Latham was born in 1929 and was an extremely versatile actor who appeared in a wide variety of genres on screen, radio and stage. His film roles encompassed the likes of The Dambusters, Doppleganger, Dracula - Prince of Darkness, Devil Ship Pirates and The Secret of Blood Island. He became a household in the sixties name with his role as Willy Izzard in the TV series Mogul. Further TV appearances include UFO, Maiget and Dr Who (The Five Doctors). In the seventies he again found fame as Plantagenet Palliser in the BBC TV series The Pallisers.

TX : 24th February 1964
Director : Peter Moffatt
Writer : Ludovic Peters
Cast : Cyril Luckham, Isobel Black, Donald Bisset

Notes : Cyril Luckham was born in 1907 and made his film debut in Murder in Reverse (1945), but it wasn't until the mid fifties that his career truly took off with notable roles in The Yangste Incident, Billy Budd, A Man For All Seasons and Anne of A Thousand Days. TV wise his credits include R3, The Forsythe Saga, The Guardians, Dr Who (as The White Guardian), To Serve Them All My Days, The Omega Factor, The Barchester Chronicles and The Citadel. He retired from acting in 1987 and passed away in 1989.

TX : 2nd March 1964
Director : Michael Currier Briggs
Writer : Gerald Wilson
Cast : Maxine Audley, Anthony Newlands, Arthur white

Notes : Michael Currier Briggs later directed episodes of Ace Of Wands (Mind Robbers and The Smile) during the programmes first season.

TX : 9th March 1964
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Max Marquiis
Cast : Richard Hurndall, Paul Eddington, Patricia Kneale

Notes : Richard Hurndall was born in 1911 and made his stage and radio debuts aged 19 in play called A Pantomine Rehearsal. After the war Hurndall made his film debut in The Magic Bow (1946), but it was radio and the stage which would provide the mainstay for his credits. Amongst his TV appearances where roles in Love In A Cold Climate, Nanny, Oil Strike North, Steptoe and Son, Bergerac, Blake's Seven and Enemy At The Door. One of his final, and most fondly recalled roles was as the first incarnation of the Doctor in the twentieth anniversary special of Dr Who, The Five Doctors.

TX : 16th March 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Alan Plater
Cast : John Woodvine, Howard Goorney, Harold Innocent

Notes : John Woodvine was born in 1929 in County Durham. The Shakespearean Geordie actor has such a raft of credits that there's only space for a selection of his more notable roles: Dangerman, The Avengers (3 times), Ghost Squad, R3, The Saint, The Baron, The Champions, Knights of God, Dr Who, Edge of Darkness. A rare appearance as a series regular came as Detective Chief Superintendent John Kingdom in the first three seasons of New Scotland Yard.

TX : 23rd March 1964
Director : Ian Fordyce
Writer : Phyllis and Robert White
Cast : Michael Mellinger, Derek Sydney, Zoe Zephyr

Notes : Bavarian born actor Michael Mellinger has had a diverse array of credits which include the films Goldfinger, Carry On Up The Kyhber, The Awakening and most recently Charlotte Gray (2001). His TV roles include The Avengers, Poirot, The Wimbledon Poisoner and Jonathan Creek.

TX : 30th March 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Eric Allen
Cast : Basil Dignam, Keith Anderson, David Andrews

Notes : Actor Basil Dignam (1905 - 1979) was formely a lumberjack.

TX : 15th June 1964
Director : Peter Croft
Writer : Carl Nystrom
Cast : Patrick Troughton, Alan Wheatley, Anthony Baird

Notes : Writer Carl Nystrom also scripted the films Keep It Clean (1956), Twist of Fate (1954) and Melody Club (1949).

TX : 26th October 1964
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Max Marquis
Cast : Sandor Eles, Valerie Sarruf, Camilla Hasse

Notes : Hungarian born Sandor Eles' satanic looks have given him a career of villians. Born in 1936 Eles became a popular face on both TV and film during the 1960's. Amongst his TV roles are The Avengers, The Saint, The Baron, The Adventurer, Jason King and Department S.

TX : 2nd November 1964
Director : Marc Miller
Writer : Anthony Scott Veitch
Cast : Edwin Richfield, Barry Linehan

Notes : Edwin Richfield was a supporting character actor who specialised in roles as middle class civil servants and police or military officers. Richfield was a regular in Hammer films and contributed dependable performances to films such as X The Unknown, Quatermass II, Camp on Blood Island, The Face of Fu Manchu and Quatermass and the Pit. His TV appearances where mainly in ITV film series such as The Bucaneers, Ivanhoe (1958), Interpol Calling, The Invisible Man, The Avengers, Danger Man, R3 and The Baron. He also appeared in Dr Who twice - The Sea Devils and The Twin Dilemma.

TX : 9th November 1964
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Gerald Wilson
Cast : Laurence Hardy, Leonard Trolley, Felix Felton

Notes : Writer Gerald Wilson also scripted the films Lawman (1971), Scorpio (1973) and Firepower (1979).:

TX : 23rd November 1964
Director : James Omerod
Writer : Guy Morgan and Doreen Montgomery
Cast : Eric Pohlman, Sally Home

Notes : Guy Morgan also wrote for the anthology series One Step Beyond.

TX : 30th November 1964
Director : Ian Fordyce
Writer : Gerald Wilson
Cast : John Cazabon, John Bonney, Christopher Carlos

Notes : Director Ian Fordyce had previously directed for the early police drama No Hiding Place and also for Top Secret. Amongst his other credits are Mr Rose, At Last The 1948 Show, Spyders Webb and Thriller (One Deadly Owner). He died in 1988.

TX : 7th December 1964
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : Ludovic Peters
Cast : Campbell Singer, Bruno Barnabe, Vanda Godsell

Notes : Campbell Singer (1909 - 1976) often appeared as military men, policemen or officials. His TV roles include Dangerman, The Avengers, Mr Rose and The Persuaders!

TX : 14th December 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Max Marquis
Cast : Ivor Dean, Yolande Turner

Notes : Yolande Turner also had roles in the TV series The Saint and Department S.

TX : 21st December 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Ludovic Peters from a story by David Ellis
Cast : Moira Redmond, Harvey Hall, Richard Carpenter

Notes : Moira Redmond had previously appeared in an episode of Man Of The World and two episodes of The Avengers - Hot Snow and Kill The King. Amongst her later roles are guest appearances in The Baron and The Sweeney. Regular starring roles include Domitia in I Claudius. Richard Carpenter would later give up acting to concentrate on script writing. In this capacity he has created and scripted Catweazle, The Ghosts of Motley Hall and Robin Of Sherwood.

TX : 28th December 1964
Director : Richard Doubleday
Writer : Gerald Wilson
Cast : John Carson, Scott Forbes, Ursula Howells

Notes : John Carson was born in 1927 and is well known for his realsitic mimickery of the late actor James Mason. His notable cult genre films include Plague of the Zombies, Taste The Blood of Dracula and Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter. Amongst his genre TV credits are episode of Out Of This World, The Avengers, Adam Adamant Lives! (The League of Uncharitable Ladies), 1990 and Dr Who (Snakedance). amongst his regular TV appearances are roles in the early soap Emergency Ward 10, The Troubleshooters and more recently the mini series Rhodes (1996). Amongst his more unusual credits is that of the villian in the film Thunderbird Six.

TX : 4th January 1965
Director : Ian Fordyce
Writer : Dennis Butler
Cast : Peter Bowles, Edina Ronay, Mark Kingston

Notes : Actor Peter Bowles is colour blind.

TX : 11th January 1965
Director : Marc Miller
Writer : Arthur Swinsom
Cast : Peter Dyneley, Michael Mellinger, Arthur White

Notes : Peter Dyneley (1921 - 1977) began his screen career in 1954 with a roles in the films Hell Below Zero and Beau Brummell. His TV credits include episodes of Ghost Squad, Out Of This World, Man Of The World and The Saint. His best remembered role is as a voice artist as Dyneley provided the voice of Jeff Tracey in the Gerry Anderson series Thunderbirds.

TX : 18th January 1965
Director : Marc Miller
Writer : Ludovic Peters
Cast : Tony Steedman, Denys Graham, Robert Gillespie

Notes : Tony Steedman was Shirley's dad in seasons 3 and 4 of the sitcom Wolfie Smith. Still often seen guesting in both US and UK Tv productions Steedman recently appeared in Babylon Five and Casualty.

TX : 25th January 1965
Director : Christopher Hodson
Writer : James Mitchell
Cast : Steve Plytas, Alan Wheatley, William Devlin

Notes : Alan Wheatley (1909 - 1991) also turned up in episodes of Dr Who (The Daleks), Danger Man, The Protectors and Department S. He was regularly seen as The Sheriff of Nottingham in the fifties film series The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Escaping the boredom of everyday life Crane decides against continuing in the rat race and emegrates to Casablanca in Morroco and buys a shabby cafe/bar by the beach. However, to make life more interesting he is also a smuggler and really makes his living by running illicit cigarettes and drink, but will not touch arms or drugs.

Crane is available for after hours import/export activities with his boat, but his heart of gold attitude to help anyone in distress get him into all kinds of scrapes. Patrick Allen played Crane and was assisted by actor Sam Kydd as the Irish/Italian, Orlando O'Conner who handled the maintenance on Crane's boat.

Meanwhile the local girl Halima, played by Laya Raki tended the running of the bar, where the local chief of law enforcement Mahmood portrayed by Gerald Flood paid frequent visits with his officers to search for contraband.

Some years after Crane ended the character of Orlando O'Conner was spun-off into his own series called simply Orlando, and this featured Sam Kydd as the title character having returned to Britain where he gets involved in various adventures. Orlando was a children's programme in a serialised format.

Text © Mike Richardson, 2002.

Regular Characters
Portrayed By
Patrick Allen
Orlando O'Conner
Sam Kydd
Police Chief Mahmood
Gerald Flood
Laya Raki

The producer was Jordan Lawrence. Script editor was Patrick Alexander. Broadcast dates are for the Granada region.