ITV 1967
I Like It Here
TX : 18th November 1967 (ABC) / 19th August 1967 (Television Wales and West or TWW)
Director : Patrick Dromgoole
Script : Anthony Skene

Cast : John Nettleton, Michael Barrington, Susan Engel, Terence Taplin, Denis Goacher, Derrick Gilbert, Jill Marlowe, Peter Kenton, Edna Petrie, Anna Middleton, Jaqueline Pearce, Norman Atkyns, Kathleen Helme, Ralp Griskin.

Notes :
The series was transmitted on Saturday evenings for both set of transmission dates given.

The Chinese Butterfly
TX : 2nd December 1967 (ABC) / 16th September 1967 (TWW)
Director :
Bill Bain
Script : John Gray

Cast : Richard Hurndall, Francisca Tu, Morris Perry, David Phethean, Gabrielle Drake, Paul Harper, Alan Brown, Darroll Richards.

To Blow My Name About
TX : 9th December 1967 (ABC) / 2nd September 1967 (TWW)
Director :
Charles Jarrott
Script : Katharine Blake and Roger Woddis

Cast : Avis Bunnage, Jack Woolgar, Ronald Lacey, Sarah-Jane Gwillim, Sarah Taunton, Charles Collingwood, Raymond Platt, Susan Ashworth, Charles Lloyd pack, Leslie Anderson, Margaret Heald.

Many Happy Returns
TX : 16th December 1967 (ABC) / 26th August 1968 (TWW)
Director : Jonathan Alwyn
Script : Andrew Hall

Cast : Eleanor Summerfield, Peter Barkworth, Nigel Stock, Stanley McGreach, Madeline Mills, Daphne Anderson.

After The Funeral
TX : 30th December 1967 (ABC) / 23rd September 1967 (TWW)
Director : Don Leaver
Script : Robert Muller

Cast : Christian Roberts, Jeremy Child, Jane Jordan Rogers, Steven Scott, Fred Stone, Dorothy Black, Kynaston Reeves.

Living Doll
TX : 6th January 1968 (ABC) / 30th September 1967 (TWW)
Director : Jonathan Alwyn
Script : Anthony Skene

Cast : Peter Vaughan, Ingrid Hafner, Derek Seaton, Margaret Denyer, Peggy Sinclair, Raymond Platt, Avice Landon.

Through A Glass Darkly
TX : 13th January 1968 (for both ABC and TWW)
Director : Joan Kemp Welch
Script : Marc Brandel

Cast : Henry Manning, Mary Chester, Jan Chappell, John Collin, Natasha Pyne, Susan Field, Margaret Gordon, Peter Williams, David Saire.

The Girl On The Swing
TX : Unknown (ABC) / 9th September 1967 (TWW)
Director : Guy Verney
Script : Anthony Skene

Cast : Michael Farnsworth, Lucy Fleming, Tessa Wyatt, Simon Gough, Olive Milbourne, Geaorge A Saunders, Bart Allison, Christine Rodgers, Fabia Drake, George Colouris, Denis Goacher, Peggy Sinclair, Michael Francis, Richard Curnock.

Haunted was an eight-part series produced by ABC that starred Patrick Mower as Michael West, a university philosphy lecturer who travelled the country investigating supernatural and occult phenomena. West would bookend the start and end of the hour long dramas much in the same way as David Buck's character Richard Beckett did on the more renowned Mystery and Imagination.

Shot on black and white videotape the series has not maintained a high profile over the years in part due to higly erratic scheduling from the different licence areas of 1960s ITV, but also because no episodes exist in the archives denying modern audiences an example of the look and style of the series.

A shame really, as on paper the series looked like an interesting entry into horror television sharing many of the cast and crew that made Mystery and Imagination such an enduring programme including that programme's producer Jonathan Alwyn who handled directing chores on two of Haunted's episodes. It also provided an early lead TV role to the then twenty-seven year old actor Patrick Mower who would later establish himself as a rugged lead actor in many 1970s TV series and films.

Producer Michael Chapman had previously undertaken similiar duties on Undermind and Public Eye and would go on to become producer of The Bill.

The 1974 Granada production of the same name is not related to this series and was instead two stand alone dramatisations of stories by Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Taylor.

Portrayed By
Michael West
Patrick Mower
Professor Ritchie
John Nettleton
Professor Gordon
Michael Barrington

The series was produced and script edited by Michael Chapman.

Text © Andrew Screen, 2005.