The Human Jungle
ABC 1963-1965
Stories from a Psychiatrist's Casebook living in Harley Street, London.
The Vacant Chair
TX : 30th March 1963
Director : James Hill
Writer : Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Lloyd Lamble, Delphi Lawrence, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Hazel Hughes, John Horsley, Keith Pyott, Edward Evans, Hamilton Dyce, Mark Dignam, Geoffrey palmer, Jack Stewart, Diane Clare, Anne Blake, Jeanne Hepple, Henry Vidon, Jonathan Burn, Gemma Jones, Danny Grover

Notes : Season one was broadcast on Saturday nights between 10:05pm and 11:00pm.

The Flip-Side Man
TX : 6th April 1963
Director : Sidney Hayers
Writer : Robert Stewart

Cast : Jess Conrad, Annette Carrall, Michael Ripper, Monty Landis, Maureen Davis

Notes : The theme music was composed by Bernard Ebbinghouse and performed by John Barry and his orchestra.

Run With The Devil
TX : 13th April 1963
Director : Vernon Sewell
Writer : John Kruse, Teleplay by David T Chandler

Cast : Derek Farr, Iris Russell, Walter Hudd, Andree Melly, Jenny Laird, Harry Fowler, Margo Cunningham, John Scarborough, Hugh Cross, Anita Sharp Bolster

Notes : Bernard Ebbinghouse was also the composer on the popular cinema series The Edgar Wallace Mysteries.

Thin Ice
TX : 20th April 1963
Director : John Ainsworth
Writer : Robert Stewart, Teleplay by Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Janina Faye, John McLaren, George A Cooper, Jaqueline Lacey

Notes : Bill Macilwraith would later the original stage play The Anniversary which was made into a film in 1966.

The Lost Hours
TX : 27th April 1963
Director : Sidney Hayers
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Leonard Sachs, Ursula Howells, Patrick Whyte, Joyce Heron, Coral Morphew, Robin Hawdon, Frank Jarvis, Larry Martyn, Sandra Alfred, Stacy Davis, Paul Michael, Dean Webb

Notes : Writer John Kruse credits include William Tell, The Saint, The Persuaders!, The Professionals, Return of the Saint and Shoestring.

A Friend Of The Sergeant Major
TX : 4th May 1963
Director : Don Sharpe
Writer : Lewis Davidson

Cast : Alfred Burke, Tim Seely, Peter Wiliiams, Redmond Phillips, Cavan Kendall, Richard Leech, Bryan Coleman, Peter Madden, Steven Scott

Notes : Writer Lewis Davidson (1926-1990) had also produced scripts for episodes of The Avengers and The Saint.

Fourteen Ghosts
TX : 11th April 1963
Director : Sidney Hayers
Writer : Leo Liberman

Cast : Andre Morrell, Avice London, Justine Lord, William Marlow, Peter Bathurst, Joseph Wise, Bernard Davies

Notes : Director Sidney Hayers was born in Edinburgh in 1921 and begun his film career in the forties working in various production roles in the cutting room and sound department before making his directing debut in 1958 with the film Violent Moment. His TV work included The Persuaders!, Arthur of the Britons, The New Avengers, The Professionals, Manimal and Baywatch. His last work was for the series CI5:The New Professionals.

Fine Feathers
TX : 18th April 1963
Director : Vernon Sewell
Writer : Robert Stewart

Cast : Jane Merrow, Philip Gilbert, Jeremy Burnham, Miranda Connell, Edward Harvey, Katherine Page, Richard Warner, Harold Berens, Patricia Marmont

Notes : Born in 1903 Vernon Sewell gained his first directing credit in 1933 on the film Morgenrot. He is best remembered for his horror films The Blood Beast Terror, Curse of the Crimson Altar and Burke and Hare.

The Wall
TX : 25th April 1963
Director : James Hill
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Jeremy Spenser, Christine Feller, Hana Maria Pravda, Arnold Diamond, Irene Prador, Meier Tzelniker, Joy Shelton, Alan Haines, Derek Murcott, Garth Adams, Bill Mills, Edward Brooks, Gilgi Hauser, Blake Butler, Rosamund Greenwood

Notes : Director James Hill (1919-1994) was also a producer and writer. Hill had previously worked on both The Avengers and The Saint and after The Human Jungle he directed episodes of Gideons Way, Journey Into The Unknown, The Persuaders!, The New Avengers, Dick Barton : Special Agent, Minder and Cats Eyes.

A Woman With Scars
TX : 1st May 1963
Director : James Hill
Writer : Robert Stewart

Cast : Frank Lawton, Jeanne Moody, Robin Hughes, Rosalie Crutchley, John Glyn-Jones, John Stuart, Yvette Rees, Harry Pringle, Frederick Schiller, Josie Bradley, Walter Randall

Notes : Robert Stewart also penned The Saint episodes The Well Meaning Mayor and Sophia.

Time Check
TX : 8th May 1963
Director : Alan Cooke
Writer : Lewis Davidson

Cast : Melvyn Hayes, Gerlad James, Fabia Drake, Mitzi Rogers, Warren Mitchell, Douglas Blackwell, Anne Carr, John Arnatt

Notes : Alan Cooke had previously directed for the anthology science fiction series Out Of This World and later oversaw episodes of Out of the Unknown and Mystery and Imagination. The remainder of his work was in America before his death in 1994 from liver failure.

The Two Edged Sword
TX : 15th May 1963
Director : Vernon Sewell
Writer : Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Susan Burnett, Pauline Yates, Beatrice Varley, Frederick Piper, Freda Bamford, Glynn Edwards, Roger Delgaldo, William Kendall

Notes : Actress Sally Smitth was born in 1942 and made her film debut alongside Robert Donat in The Magic Box. After her role as Dr Corder's daughter in The Human Jungle she eventually returned to the stage where she can still be regulary seen performing.

Over And Out
TX : 22nd May 1963
Director : Vernon Sewell
Writer : Lewis Davidson

Cast : Ian Bannen, Zena Marshall, Eddie Byrne, June Barry, John Boxer, Simon Lack, Gerald Anderson, Alfred Maron, Harold Siddons, Robert Sansom, Jeremy Tunnicliff, Ilona Rogers, Julie Stevens

Struggle For A Mind
TX : 20th February 1965
Director : Sidney A Hayers
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Joan Collins, Derek Godfrey, Clifford Evans, Kay Walsh, Margaret Whiting, Mark Burns, William Dysart

Notes : Episodes where transmitted on Saturdays between 10:05pm and 11:05pm.

Sucess Machine
TX : 27th February 1965
Director : Sidney A Hayers
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Denys Graham, Edward Judd, Sylvia Syms, Rachel Clay, Michael Audreson, Harold Goldblatt, Jack Smethurst, Anthony Sagar, Philip Latham, Valerie Bell, Joe Ritchie, Ruth Trouncer, Paul Fraser, Wanda Ventham

The Twenty Four Hour Man
TX : 6th March 1965
Director : Robert Day
Writer : Robert Banks Stewart

Cast : Gita Denise, Johnny Sekka, Dolores Mantez, Inigo Jackson, Patrick McAlinney, Donald Morley, Frank Olegario, Mark lester, Frank Coda

Solo Performance
TX : 13th March 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Maragert lockwood, James Villiers, Rona Anderson, Basil Hoskins, Doreen Dawn, Jennifer White, Frances Cohen, Terence Brook, Margo Andrew, Victor Baring, Anthea Holloway, Ross Hutchinson, Malcolm Tierney, Kathleen Boutall

Ring Of Hate
TX : 20th March 1965
Director : Charles Crichton
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Dudley Sutton, Bernard Lee, Franics Matthews, Barry Keegan, Walter Gotell, Patricia Mort, Harry Ross, Peter Diamond

Conscience On A Rock
TX : 27th March 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Flora Robson, Megs Jenkins, Ronald Hines, Faith Kent, Adrienne Posta, Jennifer White

The Quick And The Dead
TX : 3rd April 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Robert Beatty, Richard Johnson, Joanne Dainton, Andrew Keir, Alvaro Fontana, David McAlister, Moray Watson, Gregory Paul, Raymond Young, Jennifer White

The Man Who Fell Apart
TX : 10th April 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : John Kruse

Cast : Rita Tushingham, Barbara Shelley, Alan Dobie, Janet Kelly, Patrick O'Connell, John Rae, Desmond Jordan, Paul Bogden, Judy Franklin, Brian Weske

Notes : From this episode onwards episodes where transmitted between 9:10pm and 10:10pm.

Dual Control
TX : 17th April 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : Anne Francis

Cast : Annette Andre, Peggy Cummins, Dennis Price, Lyndon Brook, Rona Anderson, Peggy Marshall, Paul Ferris, Nicky Henson, Yvonne Antrobus

Skeleton In The Cupboard
TX : 24th April 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Roger Liversey, Sonia Dresdel, Nora Nicholson, Ann Firbank, Allan Cuthbertson, Russell Waters, John Wentworth, Donald Pickering, Gwynneth Tighe

Wild Goose Chase
TX : 1st May 1965
Director : Vernon Sewell
Writer : Marc Brandell

Cast : Francesca Annis, Faith Brook, John Bonney, Vladek Sheybal, Gary Watson, Julie Webb, Aimee Delamian, Tony Steedman, Derek Newark, James Kerry, Michael Byrne

Notes : Scriptwriter Marc Brandell had worked extensively on US TV. His later credits include the script for the late seventies TV movie - Return to Fantasy Island.

Enemy Outside
TX : 8th May 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : Bill Macilwraith

Cast : Tony Tanner, Lloyd Reckord, Barbara Ferris, Avis Bunnage, Rona Anderson, Bridget McConnel

Heartbeats In A Tin Box
TX : 15th May 1965
Director : Roy Baker
Writer : Robert Stewart

Cast : Judith Scott, Ray McAnally, Catherine Lacey, Russell Napier, John Junkin, Susan George, Christopher Witty, Gerald Harper, Donald Eccles, Maurice Hdeley, Tenniel Evans, Anna Turner, John Crocker, Arnold Ridley

Notes : Director Roy Ward Baker is forever associated with Hammer Films but has also worked extensively in television with directorial credits on episodes of The Avengers, The Saint, Zero One, The Baron, The Champions, Department S, Jason King, The Persuaders!, The Protectors, Return of the Saint and Minder.

The Human Jungle
exhibited a wide range of human interest storylines where psychiatrist Doctor Roger Corder would attempt to unravel the complicated problems of his often irrational patients.

clients often exhibited suicidal tendencies and anti-social behaviour patterns and this would have him frequently leaving his office and go out into real world to assist individuals confront their own fears.

With the help of his secretary Nancy Hamilton played by Mary Yeomans and fellow psychiatrist Doctor James (Jimmy) Davis, Corder brought patients back from the edge, but still encountered generation gap problems with his teenage daughter Jennifer portrayed by Sally Smith. Some episodes saw Doctor Corder also having a personal assistant Jane Harris played by actress Mary Steele.

The first season of 13 episodes were filmed at Beaconsfield Studios, Buckinghamshire, which closed down the following year. This forced Independent Artists to relocate to the Associated British Film Corporation's Elstree studio complex in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, for the second season.

This was ABC's last film series before The Avengers went onto film and most of the directors from The Human Jungle would perform the same role for Steed and Mrs Peel.

Regular Characters
Portrayed By
Dr Roger Corder
Herbert Lom
Jenifer Corder
Sally Smith
Dr James Davis
Michael Johnson
Nancy Hamilton
Mary Yeomans

The producers where Julian Whintle and Leslie Parkyn. Broadcast dates are for the Granada region.