The Sentimental Agent
ITC 1963
All That Jazz
TX : 28th September 1963
Director : Charles Frend
Writer : Julian Bond

Cast : Peter Arne

Notes : The theme music, Carlos Theme, was written by Ivor Slaney (1921 - 1998). Slaney was the main composer on the 1971 children's show The Double Deckers. His other theme tunes include Here's Harry (for the comedian Harry Worth) and Sir Francis Drake.

The Beneficiary
TX : 5th October 1963
Director :
John Paddy Carstairs
Writer : Julian Bond

Cast : Micheal Godfrey

Notes : Each episode was broadcast on a Saturday night between 7:15pm and 8:10pm. John Paddy Carstairs (1910-1970) directed Norman Wisdom in many of is most fondly remembered films including Trouble In Store (1954). Actor Micheal Godfrey also appeared in episodes of Dr Who (The Smugglers), The Baron, Department S, The Persuaders (The Double Death of Charlie Crippen) and Callan.

Express Delivery
TX : 12th October 1963
Director :
Charles Frend
Writer : Lindsay Hardy

Cast : Ann Bell

Notes : Brittany and Kwouk do not appear in this episode. Director Charles Freud was born in 1909 and began his career as a film editor (including four Hitchcock films in this capacity). In the forties he moved to Ealing and begun directing films and would direct two classics in the fifties - The Magnet (1950) and The Cruel Sea (1953). He began to work in TV during the sixties after Ealing had closed and directed episodes of Danger Man, Zero One, Man of the World and Man In A Suitcase. In 1970 he was the second unit director on the Oscar winning movie Ryan's Daughter. Frend passed away in 1977. Ann Bell will soon be seen in the new version of The Forsythe Saga playing Aunt Hester.

Never Play Cards With A Stranger
TX : 19th October 1963
Director :
John Paddy Carstairs
Writer : Julian Bond

Cast : Jack Melford

Notes : Julian Bond had been co-producer of the forerunner to The Avengers - Police Surgeon in 1960. Actor Peter Arne (1920-1983) was a familiar face in British films in the fifties who was murdered in his home shortly after accepting an offer to appear in Dr Who. The murder still remains unsolved to this day.

May The Saints Preserve US
TX : 26th October 1963
Director :
Charles Frend
Writer : Patrick Campbell

Cast : Carol Cleveland

Notes : Writer Patrick Campbell had written the 1961 episode of The Avengers entitled The Yellow Needle.

Meet My Son, Henry
TX : 2nd November 1963
Director :
John Paddy Carstairs
Writer : Lindsay Hardy

Cast : Glyn Edwards

Notes : This episodes introduces the new regular character Bill Randall who appeared in five episodes in total. Glyn Edwards has an exhaustive career which has encompassed many cult and genre credits including Undermind, Redcap (A Town Called Love), R3, The Baron, The Saint, The Avengers and Callan. Edwards was once married to George and Mildred star Yootha Joyce.

A Little Sweetness And Light
TX : 9th November 1963
Director :
Harold French
Writer : Tudor Gates

Cast : Patrick Allen, Patrick Newell

Notes : Ian Stuart Black is credited as story editor on this episode. Tudor Gates wrote a trio of saucy female vampire films in the early seventies - The Vampire Lovers, Lust For A Vampire and Twins Of Evil.

The Height Of Fashion
TX : 16th November 1963
Director :
Charles Frend
Writer : Peter and Betty Lambda

Cast : Sue Lloyd, Warren Mitchell

Notes : Warren Mitchell is to many of the public Alf Garnett, the bigoted loudmouth from Till Death Do Us Part and In Sickness And In Health. His notable genre credits include four episodes of The Avengers, five episodes of Danger Man, The Sweeney, Redcap, Out of the Unknown and more recently Gormenghast.

A Very Desirable Plot
TX : 23rd November 1963
Director :
Harry Booth
Writer : Brian Clemens

Cast : Diana Rigg, Paul Maxwell

Notes : This episode features the first television appearance of Diana Rigg. Harry Booth had been the chief film editor on the TV series Sir Francis Drake and would later write/direct episodes of The Double Deckers and direct episodes of The Protectors.

Finishing School
TX : 30th November 1963
Director :
Harry Fine
Writer : Peter and Betty Lambda

Cast : Annette Andre

Notes : Carlos Thompson does not appear in this episode. Harry Fine would later produce the Tudor Gates scripted horror films The Vampire Lovers, Lust For A Vampire and Twins Of Evil. Annette Andre was born in Australia in 1939 and was a popular face on 60's and 70's TV appearing in Crane, The Saint, The Baron, Adam Adamant Lives!, The Prisoner, The Persuaders!, The New Avengers and The Return of the Saint. Her most famous role is as the original Jeannie in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased).

The Scroll Of Islam
TX : 7th December 1963
Director :
John Paddy Carstairs
Writer : Jack Davies

Cast : Patrick Troughton

Notes : Script writer Jack Davies was born in 1913 and before his death in 1994 he was responsible for writing such classics as Paper Tiger (1975), Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965) and A Stitch In Time (1963).

Not Quite Fully Covered
TX : 14th December 1963
Director :
Charles Frend
Writer : Leslie Harris and Roger East

Cast : Imogen Hassall

Notes : Carlos Thompson does not appear in this episode. Imogen Hassall was born in 1942 and was nicknamed The Countess of Cleavage. She displayed her ample charms in episodes of The Saint, The Avengers, The Champions, Jason King and The Persuaders! She died from an overdose of sleeping pills in 1980.

A Box Of Tricks
TX : 21st December 1963
Director :
Harold French
Writer : Ian Stuart Black

Cast : Walter Gotell, Ferdy Mayne

Notes : The character of Chin was also a magician and illusionist and this final episode is almost entirely devoted to him. Ian Stuart Black worked on Star Maidens, The Invisible Man, The Saint and Doctor Who.
The Sentimental Agent was a spin-off from Man Of The World, and featured the Argentinean actor Carlos Thompson as import-export agent Carlos Varela, who comes across as a romantic gypsy type character who has travelled the world. Varela enjoys making money and will deal in just about anything, but will always find time to assist anyone in trouble.

Assisting Carlos is his secretary Suzy Carter played by Clemence Brittany, who is the perfect combination of looks efficiency and has secret service connections. Light relief was provided by Burt Kwok as Varela's valet/cook/chauffeur, Chin, who also has an understanding of magic and performs occasionally as an illusionist. Unfortunately, Chin also has a weakness for excessive gambling.

The majority of the ITV network scheduled The Sentimental Agent in a primetime slot on Saturday evenings and hoped for impressive viewing figures which never materialised. Thompson, the supposedly most handsome man in the world has great difficulty with his lines as his mastery of English was less than good, forcing the crew to introduce a new character Bill Randall played by John Taylor in the episode Meet My Son Henry. Bill would assist in carrying the storyline in several episodes, thus reducing the time that Thompson appeared on screen.

In fact the Argentinean is absent completely from the episodes Finishing School and Not Quite Fully Covered, and Taylor fronts both instalments. The plug was pulled on the series after only 13 episodes.

Regular Characters
Portrayed By
Carlos Varela
Carlos Thompson
Burt Kwouk
Suzy Carter
Clemence Brittany
Bill Randall
John Taylor

All episodes where shot on 35mm film.
Transmission dates are for the Granada region. Harry Fine was the producer and Ian Stuart Black was credited as Script Supervisor. The series was filmed on location and at Shepperton Studios.