BBC 1977
Ghosts of Venice
Director : Claude Watham
Cast : Robert Hardy, Sinead Cusack
TX : 11/6/77

Notes : Claude Watham also directed episodes of Tales of the Unexpected and Cats Eyes. Robert Hardy was born in 1925 and has most recently been seen in The Lost World and Shackleton.

Sinead Cusack was born in 1948 and is the daughter of the actor Cyril Cusack.

Countessa Ilona
Director : Simon Langton
Cast : Billie Whitelaw, Ian Hendry, John Fraser, Edward Hardwicke
TX : 18/6/77

Notes : Born in 1932 in Coventry Billie Whitelaw has had a distinguished career spanning from the fifties until the present day. Amongst her notable telefantasy credits are roles in Space 1999 and The Cloning of Joanna May.

Ian Hendry was born in 1931 also in Coventry and began his career as straight man to a circus clown. After attending London's Central School of Speech and Drama one of his first roles was in the episode Shadow Bomb of The Invisible Man. His roles in Police Surgeon and the first season of The Avengers led to a career in films, but as the British film industry wound down Hendry increasingly appeared in many TV productions. Amongst his TV roles are episodes of Danger Man, The Adventures of Don Quick, The Persuaders!, The Protectors, The Sweeney, The New Avengers, Van Der Valk, The Return of the Saint, Bergerac and Brookside. He died on 24th December 1984 aged just 53 of undisclosed circumstances.

The Werewolf Reunion
Director : Simon Langton
Cast : Billie Whitelaw, Ian Hendry, John Fraser, Edward Hardwicke
TX : 25/6/77

Notes : John Fraser had been a popular face of British cinema in the fifties and is an accomplished stage actor. Amongst his rare TV appearances are roles in Dr Who (Logopolis) and Mystery and Imagination (Casting the Runes).

RADA trained actor Edward Hardwicke was born in 1932 and has appeared in The Invisible Man, Dangerman, The Sweeney, Colditz and more recently The Alchemists.

Mr Nightingale
Director : Alan Cooke
Cast : Jeremy Brett, Leslie-Anne Down
TX : 2/7/77

Notes : Director Alan Cooke was born in 1926 and had previously contributed episodes to the anthology series Out of the Unknown and Mystery and Imagination. He would increasingly work in American towards the end of the seventies and died there in 1994 from liver failure. Eaton educated actor Jeremy Brett was born in 1933 and in the 1980's he would undertake what is generally considered to be the definitive TV version of Sherlock Holmes in the series produced by ITV. He died of a heart attack in 1995.

Ex-model Lesley Ann Down's other notable telefantasy are very limited - she would later appear in the episode To Lay A Ghost from the series Out of the Unknown.

Lady Sybil
Director : Simon Langton
Cast : Denholm Elliott, John Osbourne, Kathleen Nesbitt
TX : 9/7/77

Notes : Denholm Elliott made his film debut in the 1949 production Dear Mr Prohack and toiled for many decades as a reliable character actor before receiving recognition in the late seventies and eighties following a run of supporting roles in box office hits such as Trading Places and Raiders of the Lost Ark. In 1985 he was nominated for an Academy Award. TV wise he was equally prolific and amongst his notable credits are Danger Man (The Hunting Party), Mystery and Imagination as Dracula, The Persuaders! (A Death in the Family), Ghost Story for Xmas (The Signalman), Hammer House of Horror (Rude Awakening) and The Ray Bradbury Theatre (The Coffin). He died in 1992.

Director : Peter Sasdy
Script : Sue Lake
Cast : Lewis Fiander, Catherine Schell, Judy Cornwell
TX : 16/7/77

Notes : Peter Sasdy had previously directed the BBC genre plays The Caves of Steel and The Stone Tape. His other notable credits include Out of the Unknown, Arthur of the Britons, 1990 and Hammer House of Horror.

Actress Catherine Schell was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1944. During the late sixties she appeared in the minor Hammer science fiction film Moon Zero Two(1968) and the following year netted a role in the Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). The 70's saw Schell capitalising on this high profile role and she would be become a familiar face in TV roles requiring exotic yet cool European women. Appearances in The Troubleshooters, The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, A Family At War, The Persuaders!, The Adventurer and Arthur of the Britons followed in quick succession. It was her role as Maya in the second series of Space 1999 that has guaranteed Schell a place in the Sci-fi hall of fame and subsequent appearances have never really had the same impact on the public psyche. Amongst her other credits worth of note are: The Return of the Saint, Dr Who (City of Death), Strangers, Bergerac and more recentlyThe Wimbledon Poisoner in 1994.

Night of the Marionettes
Director : Alan Cooke
Cast : Gordon Jackson, Kathleen Byron, Vladek Sheybal
TX : 30/7/77

Notes : Distinctive character actor Vladek Sheybal was born in 1923. His dark Eastern European voice and looks often saw him cast in villainous roles and in this vein he appeared in the Bond film From Russia With Love. This was followed by the spy thrillers Casino Royale and The Billion Dollar Brain. He begun appearing on TV during the sixties with roles in episodes of R3, The Man in Room 17, Danger Man, The Baron, The Champions, Callan and The New Avengers. He appeared in the 1969 Gerry Anderson live action sci-fi film Doppleganger, and this led to a semi-regular role in the Anderson TV show UFO as Dr Jackson. Sheybal passed away in 1992 following complications due to a stomach ulcer.

Director : Simon Langton
Cast : Jeremy Clyde, John Justin, Ania Marson
TX : 6/8/77

Notes : Director Simon Langton had previously worked on Upstairs Downstairs. His other notable credits include Love for Lydia (starring a young Peter Davison), Danger UXB, Smileys People and most recently Murder Rooms : The Kingdom of Bones.


A Saturday night horror anthology series which featured the linking theme of The Club Of The Damned - a society which admits new members by their ability to tell a true life tale of terror.

One of the most memorable episodes (Mr Nightingale) featured Jeremy Brett (under heavy make up) as a pungent puritan who is dragged to his demise after failing to instil terror with his tale of murdering dopplegangers.

The series ran the gamut of traditional monsters - werewolves (Countess Ilona), vampires (Dorabella), Jekyll and Hyde (Lady Sybil) and Frankenstien (Night of the Marionettes).

Though literate scripting and a collection of high calibre acting talent benefited the series, it was let down by static direction and frankly boring plots and has never been repeated since first shown.

Writer Robert Muller also wrote a paperback which featured adaptations from the series.

All episodes where written by Robert Muller except the episode Viktoria which was written by Sue Lake. The series was produced by Pieter Rogers. Episode length was 50 minutes. The series was transmitted on Saturday nights.