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Welcome to the Mogul / Troubleshooters Appreciation Site, dedicated to the pioneering 1960s BBC drama series which portrayed the boardroom battles and frontline dangers of a fictional British oil company, Mogul Oil. Set against a luxurious international backdrop, the extensive location filming and sharp scripts established must-see-television ahead of its time and with an unwavering capacity to predict actual events. The programme featured notable performances from principal cast members and supporting guest stars, and the series was backed by some of the most reliable production artists in the business.

This site aims to explore the production background of the series, and the cast and crew who featured throughout (from 1965 to 1972, spanning 136 episodes), and offer an in-depth episode guide to help restore the memory of this ground-breaking and important television series to the public domain.

Creator John Elliot described the premise of the series - "My new series will combine, in a single flourish, oil-based adventure with the intrigues of the executive suite. Oilmen have formed themselves into the most romantic community of our time. They take coffee with sheiks, and pump ten thousand gallons into an aircraft as casually as you put five into your car. They are explorers, tearing about noisily in huge vehicles, and silent office workers, rapt before their ledgers. Some die in swamps of mysterious diseases, some are scientists, some politician's, some engineers and some are very rich. They are all members of a fascinating kingdom within our society. Oilmen spend their lives in attendance of an invisible spirit. A few actually see it, perhaps slumped over the black bumper of a customer's car, or in a sudden terrible blaze bursting from a bore-hole. Much of the time oil moves in its mysterious way through miles of underground pipeline and in the bellies of monstrous floating tankers that convey it to its final destiny, the moment of explosion to create power and heat and speed in most of our machinery, giving reason and wealth to the vast industry of oil - which must be seen as one of the most romantic and exciting regions of dramatic entertainment ever explored. It's high-octane, top-grade up-to-the-minute television magic, and it's available here and now, ready to go…"

This site was compiled and created by Matthew Lee and Andrew Screen.

Thanks to Darren Giddings, Ian Beard and John Archbold for additional information in compiling the episode guide and David Auger for additional production credits and details.

Created December 2003
Updated July 2007

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